Top 10 Cheapest Grocery Stores In Toronto (2023)

What is a meal without groceries? Yeah, you are right an incomplete meal. You would agree with me that a sumptuous and satisfying meal is made up of a generous proportion of grocery items. However, groceries in Toronto are so pricey that it eats deep into the monthly budgets of a lot of residents. I am pretty sure that you would love to save up a couple of bucks on grocery shopping.

One sure way to achieve that is to discover and shop at grocery stores that offer discount prices on grocery items while not compromising on quality. Thankfully, there are several discount grocery stores in Toronto that are dedicated to making quality grocery items available to their customers at cheap prices. No Frills grocery store tops the list of cheapest grocery stores in Toronto with incredibly budget-friendly prices on groceries.

Top 10 Cheapest Grocery Stores In Toronto

 1. No Frills 

No Frills grocery store is a well-known grocery store in Toronto owned by Loblaw Companies. They offer an incredible discount on the prices of their grocery items while maintaining the quality of the grocery items that they retail to their customers. The products that the store offers comprise seafood, frozen foods, meat & poultry, snacks, dairy, baked foods, produce, and general merchandise at discounted prices.

No Frills prides itself in its budget-friendly prices that no other grocery store can offer and they state it in their slogan Won’t Be Beat! You can choose to walk into any of their store locations in Toronto to save a couple of bucks on your next grocery shopping.

2. Walmart 

Walmart supercenter locations are your one-stop location for all of your shopping essentials be it grocery items or general merchandise. Walmart supercenters offer quality baked goods, fresh seafood, fresh meat & poultry, dairy products, frozen foods, general merchandise, and drugs all at astonishingly discounted prices. They also offer fresh and organic fruits and vegetables to their numerous customers. 

Additionally, Walmart makes fast food outlets, salons, banking services, medical services, legal services, photography studios, and pet shops available to its numerous customers at incredibly discounted prices. You should visit a Walmart supercenter for your next grocery shopping to enjoy a discount price on all of your grocery items purchase.

3. Loblaws 

Loblaws is a Canadian-based grocery store that offers discounted prices on grocery items while maintaining their quality. The store’s parent company Loblaw Companies Limited is well-known as the biggest food distributor in Canada. The store offers products such as general grocery, drugs, Photography studio, general merchandise, and alcoholic drinks at designated store locations. They also offer pickup services for customers that order their grocery needs from the online store.

4. FreshCo 

Just like the name implies FreshCo is a grocery store that offers fresh and quality grocery items to its numerous customers in Toronto at cheap prices. It is a well-known and busy grocery store in Toronto all thanks to its discounted and budget-friendly prices on grocery items. The discount supermarket is owned by Sobey’s and their slogan Lowering Food Prices reflects their commitment to their customers. 

The products that FreshCo offers comprise fresh snacks, frozen foods, baked goods, meat & poultry, dairy, farm produce, deli, general grocery, seafood, and general merchandise. For your next grocery shopping, you can choose to walk into any of FreshCo’s store locations in Toronto to save a couple of bucks.

5. Sobey’s 

Sobey’s is yet another Canadian-based cheap grocery store in Toronto owned by Empire Company Limited. They retail products like snacks, farm produce, meat & poultry, frozen foods, dairy, seafood, deli, and general grocery all at discount prices. If you want to save a couple of dollars on grocery shopping, Sobey’s is the place to be. So on your next grocery shopping, you can walk into any of their location in Toronto to enjoy budget-friendly prices on your grocery items.

6. Food Basics 

Officially owned by Metro Incorporated, Food Basics is a Canadian-based supermarket that was established to contest with the prosperous No Frills supermarket. The store is focused on providing quality grocery and food items at discounted prices to its customers. Additionally, they are committed to providing more food and grocery items for lesser prices to Toronto residents just like their slogan Always more for less! 

The 14 store locations of Food Basics in Toronto offer general merchandise, food, and grocery items all at discounted prices. Some Food Basics store locations have a pharmacy section that is well-known as Food Basics Pharmacy. You can be sure to get grocery and food items for cheap prices at Food Basics so you can choose to walk into any of their Toronto store location for your next grocery shopping.

7. Costco Wholesale 

Costco wholesale is the right place to be for your bulk purchases as the American-owned store offers an incredible discount on bulk purchases of grocery items and general merchandise. The store offers dairy, baked goods, flowers, fresh farm produce, meat & poultry, seafood, and general merchandise at discounted wholesale prices. 

Costco is well known by Toronto residents for its budget-friendly and premium discount offers on bulk purchases. The wholesale store offers a wide range of grocery items so you can get any kind of grocery items that you want at Costco in bulk to enjoy the discount price on bulk purchases. So the next time you want to make bulk purchases on your grocery items walk into a Costco wholesale store to save a couple of dollars on your bulk purchases.

8. Metro Grocery 

Metro is a Canadian-based discount supermarket that offers discount prices on the various products that they retail to their customers. Metro offers almost all of your daily needs and supplies at its 17 store locations in Toronto. The store is dedicated to providing incredible budget-friendly prices for grocery items to Toronto residents. 

Metro is usually congested all thanks to its healthy foods & grocery items and being open for round-the-clock shopping. Takeout meals and deli sandwiches are available at the store if you feel too tired to cook when you get home. So the next time you go grocery shopping walk into any metro store to enjoy budget-friendly prices on your grocery items.

9. Galleria Supermarket 

Galleria Supermarket is the prominent and biggest Korean and Asian grocer and general merchandise retailer in Toronto. They customarily import Korean cultural food items, culinary cookware, and appliances from Korea and Japan. The Galleria supermarket can be said to be representing the Korean community in Canada. 

They are committed to making fresh food, produce, and meat, available to their customers at a discount and budget-friendly prices. Freshly prepared takeout Asian meals and snacks are also available all through the day at Galleria Supermarket. If you are a lover of Korean meals, then Galleria Supermarket is the place to get all you need to make a sumptuous Korean meal.

10. BJ Supermarket 

BJ supermarket is a local grocery store that specializes in Asian, Indian, and North American grocery items at discounted and budget-friendly prices. BJ supermarket retails fresh produce, spices, fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen foods, grocery items, pre-cooked samosas, dairy, and treats at reasonable prices. The local grocery store is well-known among the Asian community in Toronto for the several food items and spices from India, Asia, and North America. 

The grocery store is a great choice for vegans as they offer gluten-free and organic grocery varieties. BJ supermarket has an extensive variety of food items and you can also get fresh sweet treats from the store. So if you want to whip up some Indian, Asian, or North American meals BJ supermarket is where to get the spices and groceries required to make that a dream come true. 


Thankfully, there are tons of grocery stores in Toronto that makes quality grocery items available to residents at cheap prices. Discount grocery stores are real-life savers as they help Toronto gain access to grocery items without breaking the bank. No Frills tops the list of the top 10 Cheapest Grocery stores in Toronto with incredibly discount prices on grocery items. 

I would love to know which of these grocery stores is your favorite and the one you would love to visit on your next grocery shopping. So head over to the comment section below to tell me all about it. Your comments, thoughts, and opinions on this piece are warmly welcomed also in the comment section. I can’t wait to hear and read from you so please keep them coming.