List Of Companies In Canada Hiring Foreign Workers (2023)

Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world and even, one of the safest to live. The country homes a population of about 38.01 million people and covers a land area of 9.985 million km squares, making it the second world largest country by landmass.

As one of the most developed and highly modern countries in the world, a lot of people are interested in knowing companies in Canada hiring foreign workers so they can live and work in Canada. There are different gripping activities and great opportunities for both foreign tourists and workers in the country.

Moreover, if you are planning to move into Canada as a worker, you aren’t making a bad decision; it is a country you would love and relish living in. In Canada, various companies and organizations recruit foreign workers. If you have been searching for corporations that allow international recruitments, then, this article will help you a lot because the list of the companies will be provided.

Companies In Canada Hiring Foreign Workers

Work Global Canada

Work Global Canada is a company that mainly specializes in offering international recruitment services and labor market solutions. The company is located at 69 Elizabeth Ave, St. John’s, NL A1A 1W8, Canada.

Work Global Canada finds foreign workers in the aspect of engineering, agriculture, and healthcare. The company claims that its main mission is to offer the best quality of employment solutions to different organizations by recruiting sound and well-experienced Canadians and international workers.

Work Global Canada maintains that it is consistently glad and ready to link international workers with specialized skills to good job opportunities. The corporation’s vision is to become the world’s best and most recognized international recruitment company.

Renard International

Renard International was founded in 1970 and is based in No 121 Richmond St W Suite 500, Toronto, ON M5H 2K1, Canada. The company mainly serves the hospitality industry and recruits workers from international countries.

Renard International carries out searches throughout over fifty-six countries searching for professionals that can serve the hospitality industry. The company claims that its huge successes are based on its high professionalism in getting the best candidates and placing them into the most suitable positions in different organizations.

Renard International also asserts that its main mission is to keep assisting its clients in meeting their profit objectives via the expert and intelligent recruitment of key personnel. Also, the company strives to offer great services to candidates and clients so that they can exceed their expectations and reach their full potential.

Drake International

Drake International is located in Toronto and is another international recruitment agency company in Canada hiring foreign workers. The company’s main philosophy is based on the fact that organizations achieve their topmost performances when they are staffed with the right candidates, having good skills, knowledge, and behavior. Drake International works mainly to recruit people from all over the world and provide them with the most suitable job opportunities.

Cowan International

Cowan International was founded in 1954 and is located in Quebec Canada. The company majorly deals with the recruitment of foreign workers and placement to various sectors such as mining, chemical, heavy machinery, manufacturing, and renewable. Cowan International offers different opportunities in the construction, engineering, and resources industry to people from foreign countries.

Opportunity Alberta

Opportunity Alberta mainly deals with the recruitment of foreign workers. Alberta’s provincial government helps various organizations in hiring temporary international workers. Opportunity Alberta hires Canadians as well.

Internationale De Quebec

Internationale De Quebec is another company that deals with international recruitment services in Canada. The company is located in Quebec. Internationale De Quebec’s primary aim is to support the economic status of Quebec city by recruiting top professionals from countries all over the world.

Hays Recruitment Canada

Hays Recruitment is a firm based in Canada and, which mainly deals with the recruitment of foreign workers. The company has offices in about 33 countries all around the world and keeps recruiting international workers and providing them with the best placement opportunities.

Michael Page

Michael Page is another Canadian international recruitment agency. The company maintains that its main passion is to always get top talents in various industries and match them with the best work chances. Michael Page provides a wide range of recruitment expertise. It includes aspects such as life sciences, construction, accounting, real estate, sales and marketing, human resources, oil and gas, office support, and IT services. Michael Page provides different organizations with the right and good candidates.

Petro Staff International

Petro Staff International is located at No 23 Sunpark Dr. SE #280, Calgary and mainly deals with recruitment services. The company covers a recruitment range of about sixty different industries. Petro Staff International’s main mission is to keep providing excellent global employment services. The three core values of the corporation are performance, good services, and integrity.

Global Hire

Global Hire is a company in Canada that also provides foreign recruitment services. The company was founded in 2006 and is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Global Hire provides placement services in areas such as manufacturing, trucking services, food service, hospitality, and the construction industry. Global Hire consistently works to make sure that organizations all around Canadian regions have access to the right candidates.

Do Canadian companies hire foreign workers?

Yes, companies in Canada hire foreign workers. Check the list of companies in Canada hiring foreign workers, to assist you in knowing which company to approach.

What Are The Requirements To Work In Canada?

Canada is a great place to work and live as well. If you are planning to move into Canada as a worker, you should know about some of the requirements. The requirements that you must meet before you will be allowed to work in Canada will be listed below;

  • Work Permit
  • Work Permit Exemption
  • Your Permanent Canadian Resident Card

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There are lots of benefits of International recruitment agencies. They help candidates by linking them up with the top and wider opportunities, and also, assist organizations in getting quality people for job positions.

There are quite a lot of recruitment agencies in Canada. Moreover, the list of the companies in Canada that offers foreign recruitment services has been provided.