How To Sell Insurance Over The Phone – Top 10 Tips (2023)

Selling insurance over the phone sounds simple enough, right?

There are distinctive challenges in attempting to sell something over the phone, however, insurance may be a clearly personal product that may impact the consumer’s life in profound ways in which. the proper coverage will have an effect on the health and monetary well-being of the client and their beloved ones.

How to Sell insurance Over the Phone

With the gravity of the desire to buy insurance weighing on your prospect, your ability to induce them to trust you, your experience and your empathy over the phone is important to your success as an insurance agent.

If the aim of accomplishing all of this is often discouraging, you’re not alone. Making an attempt to create a reference to a stranger over the phone is often tough.

You can’t predict what form of distractions you’ll encounter on your side or your prospect’s, and without body language and facial expressions, your words, tone, and volume

become your only tools to convey the advantages of your product and services.

Building confidence in your over-the-phone sales skills will create an impression on your long-term success, especially If you’re simply beginning out as an insurance broker or attempting to expand your business and increase sales. The advantages of selling insurance over the phone, together with the time and adaptability it affords you and your clients, are definitely worth the effort you create to hone your skills.

Try some of these valuable tips for merchandising insurance over the phone.

  1. Established your workplace thoughtfully – before making your first call.

Many insurance brokers work from home successfully. Having a home-based office definitely cuts overhead prices, however, there are downsides. If you have a family or pets, you should designate a specific space as your office – one that’s far away from any noise and distractions – and your family will honor your work hours.

Have all the tools at your fingertips that you just can need to be successful when before you start your call. Aside from basic office provides, and selling materials able to mail, you’ll have an updated laptop already equipped with the programs and applications necessary to assist your client’s research insurance plans and enroll.

{{{{Many brokers notice that client relationship management (CRM) software package}}} package with the quantity of your time quoting engines and auto-response technology works fine in conjunction with their current on-line tools and might be custom-made to reflect your agency’s specific brand and vision.

How to Sell insurance Over the Phone

This would possibly feel funny initially, however, consider keeping a mirror close to your table. It can be useful to look at yourself while you speak on the phone to assist you to establish potential areas of improvement in speech or facial expressions. It’ll additionally inform you to smile, which may naturally change the tone of your speech without realizing it and make you even more doubtless to interact and connect with prospective clients.

  1. Be organized.

If you’re feeling rattled, your clients can sense it in your voice. Keeping an organized office space will assist you to keep calm, collected, and targeted. Keep a fluid calendar on hand to record your appointments and scheduled calls on time, and ensure online tools are put in together with your own desires and preferences in mind.

You should have quick access to any data you may need during a sales call – you don’t desire a prospect to attend while you shuffle papers to search out something.

  1. Prepare for Objections.

Choosing insurance is nerve-wracking – and your clients might have valid issues. people simply hesitate to make vital choices and should make excuses on why they aren’t able to commit. Overcoming objections is simply a part of selling insurance – be ready to pay attention, show compassion, and use your experience to assist a client get past their reservations.

  1. Ask questions.

Don’t create assumptions. Instead, ask guided queries which will assist you to know your client’s desires. Understanding what’s vital to your clients can assist you to narrow down the kinds of insurance product and services they’d have an interest in. Asking queries is also an excellent way to create a reference to someone. Developing a good chummy with a shopper is important to a productive and lasting relationship – one that may hopefully lead to continued sales and referrals.

  1. Listen.

Listening skills aren’t as simple to master as you’ll think. Most people listen so as to reply, rather than being attentive to learn. As an insurance broker, your job is to be told what product and services your prospect will value. It will be difficult to sift through a prospect’s issues and hesitations to figure out precisely what they want, however listening effectively will assist you to close the sale.

  1. Measure your success – and failure – frequently.

Once you’ve been creating sales calls for some hours, they’ll become routine. Take a moment to sporadically review your successes and failures. It’s better to acknowledge a weakness in your sales techniques and build changes.

Review recorded calls to evaluate them as objectively as you’ll be able to. Still, use the sales techniques that work, and build changes when necessary.

  1. Be sincere.

Try to avoid sounding like you have a written sales talk ready when you speak to a consumer over the phone. Sincerity comes across in your voice, inflection, and tone – and it’s valuable in establishing the trust that’s necessary to insurance sales success. The insurance market is crowded with agents competing for business. Stand out among your competitors by expressing your real interest in assisting your client access quality, reasonable insurance coverage.

  1. Select your words carefully.

Words matter. Avoid slang, acronyms, and language that might be construed as an amateur. Whereas it’s necessary to create a friendly rapport along with your clients, maintain a level of respect throughout your conversations.

Recognize words and key phrases employed by your client so as to assure them that you are so understanding and responding to their specific concerns.

  1. Create an opening and closing.

Practice makes perfect – thus, create a sales call opening and closing that you simply are comfy using. Some calls would require a variation of it, however, if you have got a general sense of how you’d wish to introduce yourself, observe it till it sounds natural, confident, and sincere. You would like an opening to remain on the phone so as to create the sale, thus strive your opening with somebody you trust to give you honest feedback. Once you’re creating calls, judge the success of sure approaches and verify which of them work best for you and appeal to your people.

You want to seamlessly transition to your closing throughout your conversation. whether or not your consumer is prepared to settle on an idea and enroll, or wants a follow-up meeting, ensure you have a concept of what you would like to mention so as to maneuver your conversation to consecutive step within the sales process.

  1. Automate follow up.

Once you create a sales call, you would like to cultivate your relationship. The timeliness of the follow-up is crucial, however, we all know how busy and feverish each day in the life of a broker are often. Follow-up emails to clients can actually wander off within the shuffle unless you have got a system in place that enables you to speak along with your clients in an acceptable time-frame while you’re still operating different leads. 

That’s all about our top 10 tips on how to sell insurance over the phone.


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