Top 10 Most Expensive Cities In Canada 2020

Check out the most expensive cities in Canada – If you are looking forward to traveling to Canada to live either for study, vacation or work then you should be familiar with this information. Discover the most expensive city in Canada (and those that follow closely) with this list of Canada’s 10 most outrageously expensive cities. 

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities In Canada 2020

  • 1. Vancouver

The Economist magazine ranked Vancouver as the most expensive city to live in North America, with the average price of a home being a whopping $748,651.00!  Fortunately for visitors, it’s worth the cost of experiencing Vancouver and you might even come across a Hollywood celebrity in your hotel (the city now ranks third in the world).

It is amazing how Vancouver is among the cities with the lowest tax rate in Canada else no one would afford to live there.  If you acquire an 85-square meter room/apartment in one of the regular areas it would cost you around $2,143 per month for rent and the utility fee for two people would be about $107 per month. Having Lunch in the business area/district costs about $17. Public transport fare is estimated at about $107 a month, it is quite understandable considering the fact that Vancouver is ranked in North America as the second most expensive city that uses gasoline.

With more than 450 km (279 miles) of bike paths, Vancouver has the smallest carbon footprint of any major city in North America and is striving to become “the greenest city” because there are mountains surrounding it, and also has a thriving theatre, art, and music scenes. 

  • 2. Toronto

Toronto is the second most expensive city to buy a home in Canada (the average price in January 2013 was $482,648.00). it is the capital of Ontario province. What you’ll love about the country’s largest city is the number of people living downtown, which encourages vibrant dining and a theatre and entertainment circuit that you can

Toronto is a city of neighborhoods where you can eat in any language. You don’t have to leave the city for a unique outdoor adventure: you can take a “high-da-heaven” route around the wide 5 ft (1.5 m) wide. Toronto has soaring skyscrapers, that cannot be compared to the iconic, sightful CN Tower. 

  • 3. Victoria

Victoria is British Columbia’s capital that is widely recognized for it’s for outdoor activities. it is known as the City of Gardens.

Victoria is the third most expensive city in Canada to buy a home, at an average price of $421,939.00. But just think about what you save on heating! While in early March much of Canada is still shoveling, Victoria is blissfully counting its flowers. It is claimed that by the beginning of March 2012, there had already been more than 2 billion blooms!

Compared to Vancouver, Victoria is flat despite the fact that the highest point of the island is 2,195 m: the island is too large and extends from the border with the United States in the south to 40 km from the border with Alaska in the north.

Victoria is equidistant from Vancouver and Seattle – about 100km away – but to travel 100 km by car will take about three hours and $100 for a ferry: local travel. Be that as it may, the city withstands an influx of 3.5 million tourists a year mainly from Canada and America.

There are so many of them here that the city center – the inner harbor (Inner Harbour) – has become exclusively touristy: 70,000 city (without suburbs) receives tourists. The most interesting, perhaps, was this uncle, cutting medallions from Canadian coins (including silver collectibles) and stating that his work is legal despite the fact that the destruction of

Here they have on the touristy historical center so far parity with Montreal, but it is not all European roots of Victoria. The main attraction is the parliament building of British Columbia – the capital.

  • 4. Calgary

This is the cosmopolitan area of Alberta that has numerous skyscrapers, it owes its development to Canadian oil production. If you are trying to buy a home in Calgary, aka Canada’s energy capital, the average cost is likely to be around $418,983.00. Calgary is ranking 90th out of 384 cities of the world with a high cost of living. it is also very beneficial to live in it because there is no provincial sales tax and it is a place you can save a lot of money.

You don’t have to pay the provincial sales tax and you’re within sight of the Rockies, just 120 km from Banff National Park. For a break, go to the bar at the Westin Hotel, where the Bloody Caesar would have been invented! 

  • 5. Ontario

Burlington has nine golf courses within the city, Ontario’s 7th largest art gallery and a wonderful shoreline, perfect for the family.

The Royal Botanical Gardens are jewels where you can see more than 800 varieties of lilac blooming as early as mid-May.

And from there, you only have a short drive to the 50 vineyards in the Niagara region.

  • 6. Ottawa

Moving to Canada’s capital and fourth-largest city, Ottawa, will cost the purchaser of a new home an average of $343,382.00.

But it also includes easy access to some of the best museums, galleries, and events in the country.

On’s list of the cleanest cities in the world, Ottawa finished fourth, and in May you can see more than 1 million tulips at the world’s largest tulip festival!

In winter, enjoy the world’s longest ice rink, the Rideau Canal, and in summer, take part in the biggest party of all: Canada Day on Parliament Hill.

  • 7. Edmonton

Edmonton is well known for its Living history museum that has an 1846 fort and its streets date back from 1885 to 1920. Owning a home in Edmonton will cost you an average of $323,541.00 but, you’ll be in the Canadian city of festivals that has a calendar of events throughout the year. The EdmontonInternational Fringe Festival, which takes place in mid-August, is the second-largest behind the Edinburgh International Fringe Festival. You can also access the City of Edmonton Waterfront Valley, the longest series of interconnected urban parks in North America.

It’s 22 times bigger than New York’s Central Park, with 8 golf courses, 5 lakes, and 150 km of multi-use trails. Edmonton is known for its First Nations Art.

  • 8. Saskatoon

Saskatoon is a Canadian city located along the South Saskatchewan River. It is the most populated center in Saskatchewan with  (245,181) inhabitants. It is a perfect place for exploring the indigenous culture. It is known as Paris of the Prairies due to the bridges it has.

A new home will cost you an average of $320,812.00 in Saskatoon. On the other hand, you’ll be in one of Canada’s sunniest cities.

Saskatoon receives approximately 2381 hours of sunshine per year. The city is on the south bank of the Saskatchewan River, allowing residents and visitors to enjoy the sun while using the 120 hectares of green shoreline space.  if you want some entertainment, there’s even a Shakespeare festival by the river. Its unemployment rate is very low and the city is ever produced.

  • 9. Montreal

Montreal is known as the largest city in the Québec province of Canada. it is popularly regarded as one of the best host cities in Canada for international events. Montreal is a very expensive city, and even the cheap hotels are moderately priced.

A house in Montreal will cost you an average of $318,982.00, but the festive spirit of the city is free! In the past, the Montreal International Jazz Festival attracted a crowd of 250,000, and the Guinness Book of Records named it “the world’s largest jazz festival.” The annual summer event typically includes 300 to 400 free shows, while the Just for Laughs Festival is known for launching the city’s stars in humor.

Montreal is a safe city but Tourists and immigrants should be alert, watchful, cautious and pay attention to the suspicious movements around them just to be safe and stay off unpleasant situations.

  • 10. Fort McMurray

The tenth most expensive city in Canada, Fort McMurray is classified as the Urban service area in Alberta, Canada. it is widely recognized as Athabasca Oil Sands but its more than just oil sands.

With a four-and-a-half-hour drive from Edmonton, Fort McMurray house prices are the highest in Alberta. Fortunately, this is offset by the many residents: in 2011, the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation estimated the average annual income of households in this region at more than $177,000.

For residents and visitors, there is fishing, hunting and a host of outdoor activities. But what’s really amazing is the stunning view of the city over the Northern Lights. Because Fort McMurray is at the 56th parallel (in what is known as the auroral band), the shimmering light bands can be seen on many clear, cold nights between. 

That’s all on the most expensive cities in Canada 2020.


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