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Top 10 Richest Cities In Florida 2020


Top 10 Richest Cities In Florida 2020

Top 10 Richest Cities In Florida – Florida is one of the states in the southeastern part of the country, United States of America. By land, Florida State connected by land with Alabama and the Georgia states, and it lies on the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean to its east and South. Florida State has become one of the topmost states with a tourist destination because it stretches to the beaches. Tourism of now has become an income industry in the state. Because Florida State has relied on Agriculture, foreign trade, tourism, manufacturing, and financial services, it has made her become the fourth largest economy in the United States of America. 


Palm Beach


This city of Palm Beach is an incorporated town in Palm Beach County, Florida United States. It is separated from its neighboring cities of West Palm Beach and Lake Worth with Intracoastal waterway. It has an estimated seasonal population of 8,690 in 2016. It is characterized by its glitzy Estates and its beaches. It has a massive employment opportunity because it has many arts including museums.

Second Richest City In Florida

Belle Isle is a part of the Orlando Kissimmee Sanford Metropolitan Statistical Area with a population of 5,988 persons at 2010 population census exercise. It is a city in Orange County, Florida United States with lots of jobs vacancies for its residents because it stands as the one of the top richest city resided by affluent persons featured with many tourists’ places.


The Arbor Day Foundation named the city of Tree City community USA. Its zip code is 33156. It is one of the counties that is affluent in the suburban village in Miami Dade, Florida, United States of America. It has a total population of 18,223 from the population census conducted in 2010. It has been ranked as one of the expensive states in the USA. The city is incorporated on March 12, 1996. It has so many schools which one of them is Miami Palmetto High school. It has many employment opportunities for its residents who may be employed in the administrative department, law department etc.

Coral Gables – Among The Richest Cities In Florida

The city of Coral Gables, Florida in the United States has a population of over 51,000 residents. It is one of the cities in Miami Dade County. And it is located in the southwest of Downtown Miami. It is where the University of Miami located which has served as the highest employer since the city begins. The Miami University has also ranked as the top tier of national universities with medicine, law, engineering etc. as its national status.

Wealthiest Cities In Florida

This is an island built in between the Atlantic Ocean and Bay of Biscayne and it is located in the Miami Dade County of Florida, United States. It stands as a South to the barrier island along the Atlantic Coast of Florida and it lies between the Miami of Beach in the South, and Miami in the southeast. Rickenbacker causeway serves as a link to which Key Biscayne is connected to Miami. It has a total population of 12,887 from the last population census conducted. It has 59% of white-collar employees and blue-collar employees of 41%.


Surfside city in Miami Beach, Miami Dade County in southeastern Florida has a total population of 14,535, with a total of 6,754 as its male population and 7,781 as its female. When it comes to the household, it has 6,890 as its total number with 2.11% people as it’s per household on average.

In employment status, Surfside has 63% white collar employees and blue-collar employees is 37%.


Gulf Breeze was founded by the Duncan family. It was founded in the year 1935 and was incorporated as a city on 1st August 1961. It has a suburban of Pensacola which lies to the North across the Bay of Pensacola, and it is being located on the fair point Peninsula in Santa Rosa County, Florida State.

In terms of population, Gulf Breeze has a total population of 5,763 as at the population census collected from the 2010 report, but its population increased to an estimate of 6,466 from July 2016 population census exercise.

When it comes to employment opportunities available to the residents of Gulf Breeze City in Florida State, there are many jobs available, both the full-time jobs and part-time jobs.


This is one of the cities in Broward County Florida State, in the United States of America. Parkland has a population of 23,962 as of the 2010 population census, it was 31,507 in the population estimate of 2016. It serves as a dwelling place of an estimated population of 6,012,331 people in 2015 because it is part of the Miami Metropolitan Area.

From its origin, Parktown city in Florida is well known for its laws of zoning which were established to protect the Park-like character of the city. It is one of the safest cities in the county.

Parkland has so many projects that have provided for its citizens which stand as its infrastructural developments. Examples of such projects are City Hall Building Department Expansion, Fire Station Emergency Signal, Loxahatchee Road improvements, Library Expansion project, and others. These projects apart from serving as an infrastructure development also serve as a source of income thereby increasing their economies of scale and also serving as an employment opportunity for its residents.


The city of palm coast in the state of Florida stands as the second largest municipality in the metropolitan statistician Area which is characterized by Volusia and Flagler County. It is the 90th largest population area in the United States of America. Its estimated population census is 600,756.

When it comes to its economies that open doors for more creation of jobs, the Volusia and Flagler area is a place for the tourism industry that has attracted millions of visitors each year. There are several race track known as magnets and dominated with motorsports. One of the best-known magnets in Volusia and Flagler County is Daytona international speedway has its headquarters located in NASCAR. But apart from the Magnet race venue, there are some other racing venues such as New Smyrna Speedway and of course Volusia speedway park. Also apart from the main motorsports events, Daytona Beach Bike week which is a big biker rally that does come in the month of March and other several classic car shows are all examples of motorsports events.

Conclusively, the beaches of Volusia and Flagler county together with Daytona Beach, Flagler Beach, Ormond Beach, New Smyrna Beach which is the largest draws so far all stands as the main form of attraction for tourists. And all these tourists and attraction stands as an employment opportunity for the residents as it stands as a source of revenue to the city.


Pensacola as one of the ten richest cities in Florida State in the modern city in the year 1998 long before the Spanish founding was claimed. It is presently dominated by Native American Peoples thousands of years before its historical period. Prior to European encounter, the Pensacola tribe had a well-established culture with its ceremonial mound center North of a present-day Mobile, Alabama.

The 16th century marked the historical era of Pensacola when the Spanish explorers arrived. The Pensacola Metro area has seen the greatest percentage of growth starting from 2015 to 2016 from the present population estimates from the Census Bureau, this has ranked her in the top fifth of United States location.

In population, Pensacola region has seen its estimated population density being grown from 478,080 to 485,684, the increase is a sharp growth percentage of 1.6 and which has made it be ranked 65th percentage wise out of the nearly 400 Metro areas. The sharp increase in the population can be traced back largely to the emergence of Navy Federal Credit Unions expanding Operations Northwest Florida.

When it comes to its job creation or an employment opportunity, the Navy Federal Credit Unions Expanding Operations in Northwest emergence added about eight hundred jobs by the year-end. Five thousand more jobs will be added to Beulah campus by the year 2026 as its part of giving back incentive to its host community and also an inclusion of $1 billion in capital investment has also pledged by the same Navy Federal Credit Unions Expanding Operations in Northwest.

In terms of infrastructural development, there has been a precipitated widening of infrastructure which was made possible because of the job boom and the population growth in the Northwestern part of Escambia County. The precipitated widening of infrastructural development serves as a necessary component that will accommodate an influx of residents. Some of the projects of the Escambia County that assisted in the development of infrastructure includes the $ forty-six million dollars project that is constructed by the Florida Department of Transportation to burden the Nine miles Road.


Florida State has many industries, which some of them are into machinery, electronics, also they are into food processing and publishing like potatoes processing, melon processing, sugarcane processing, oranges processing, grapefruit processing etc. are some of the best products that are been produced by them. When it comes to population, Florida State is very populous, that it was ranked as the third most populated state in the United States of America, interestingly it serves as a dwelling place to Asians, Latin Americans, and African Americans with the majority of the European Americans.

Florida State has a climate that is mostly warm and sunny apart for the period dominated by rains which is always between the months of May and October. In Florida State, different cities are ranked based on its population, economies and employment status. The ranking of the cities is as follows starting from the least amongst the best biggest and richest ten.

It has been an interesting moment discussing the state of Florida and richest cities in this state. the richest cities have been listed and description has been made briefly on each of these cities, population and an interesting thing have mentioned also, a nice topic to sit back and digest.


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