Top 10 Richest Cities In New York (2023)

Are you curious to know the cities where the high class in New York reside?

There are fancy magazines with lots of fanciful stories about New York. There are lots of cities here that validate these stories and high-class people who call it home. 

New York, also known as ‘’The Empire State’’ for its wealth, is known for doing everything better and bigger. From the Niagara Falls to the Statue of Liberty and the Big Apple. To keep it looking big and better, there have to be some people making the state tick.

The richest cities in New York have high-paying jobs, expensive penthouses, affluent neighborhoods, and rated restaurants. 

Richest Cities In New York

1. North Hills

North Hills is located in Nassau County on the North Shore of Long Island. The lifestyle of living in North Hills is private and gated, hence, there is little communal activity. North Hills was ranked as one of the wealthiest communities in the US. 

The Mayor of North Hills acquired the Deepdale Golf Club for the residents. The Deepdale Golf Club was meant to make the village a better place and for the exclusive use of residents. Deepdale is located in the former estate of Joseph P. Grace. 

2. East Hills

East Hills is the second richest city in New York also located in Nassau County on the North Shore of Long Island. East Hills is part of the Greater Roslyn area. The city is anchored by the Incorporated Village of Roslyn. 

The Incorporated Village of East Hills came into existence when Robert Fordham and John Carman purchased the lands that are now occupied by the residents. 

3. Scarsdale

Scarsdale could be likened to a town and village. The city is located in Westchester County. Scarsdale town has the same spatial boundaries but operates solely with a village government. Caleb Heathcote purchased the lands that Scarsdale now settles on.  

Scarsdale was officially established on March 7, 1788. 

4. Malverne

Malverne is a village in Nassau County. The Rockaway Indians initially settled in Malverne. Abrams Bedell and Pearsall families settled afterward and started the western settlements. The city was formerly called Norwood. 

Malverne was incorporated in the early 1920s. Malverne Park and North Lynbrook were the communities that were first established in the city. Malverne, formerly spelled as Malvern got the ‘’e’’ included when the Long Island Rail Service started service. 

Malverne was changed from Norwood because a village with that name already existed. Malverne was incorporated on April 13, 1921. 

5. Lawrence

Lawrence is a village in the southwest corner of the Town of Hempstead. Lawrence comprises lots of large homes, beaches, mansions, and large properties.

Three brothers with the name Lawrence acquired part of the five towns. The five towns were the name given to the railroad line that emanated from New York City and run through the Long Island. 

Lawrence was incorporated as a village in 1897. The city can now boast of schools, good roads, a large town area, and a modern suburb. Lawrence was initially home to an upper class of White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. 

6. Garden City

Garden City is a village in Nassau County in the town of Hempstead. Alexander Turney Stewart owns a portion of Hempstead plains. His wife, Cornelia founded the St. Mary’s school for girls and the St. Paul’s school for boys. She also founded the Gothic Cathedral of the Incarnation and a Bishop’s Residence. The Gothic Cathedral of the Incarnation was the final resting place of Alexander and Cornelia Stewart. 

The Garden City Hotel was the center of attraction in Garden City. The Hotel was designed by Mead, McKim, and White. The heirs of Alexander Stewart founded the Garden City Company. In the early years, Garden City was referred to as ‘’Stewart’s Folly’’.

7. Massapequa Park

Massapequa Park could be referred to as a village and hamlet. The areas east and south are the hamlet of Massapequa Park. The village is located on the South Shore of Long Island. 

The main center of attraction in the city was the Woodcastle Hotel until it was destroyed by fire in 1952. The Massapequa Park was built by Michael J. Brady (a real estate firm owner), Peter Colleran, and Frank Cryan. 

Massapequa Park was incorporated as a village in 1931. 

8. New Hyde Park

New Hyde Park, one of the wealthiest cities in New York is the anchor community of the Greater New Hyde Park area. It lies between the towns of North Hempstead and Hempstead in Nassau County. The fourth royal governor of New York, Thomas Dongan was given a parcel of land on which he built a mansion. 

New Hyde Park has a small portion that extends into the village of North Hills. 

9. Floral Park

Floral Park is an incorporated village of the floral park and it’s among the richest cities in New York. The village is at the western border of Nassau County, New York. It is mainly located in the Town of Hempstead and the north section is located within the Town of North Hempstead. 

Floral Park has formerly marked the western edge of the great Hempstead Plains, and formerly called East Hinsdale. The city was incorporated as a village in 1908. Childs was the first president of the city starting in 1908. 

The Sewanhaka Central High School and Floral Park Memorial High School are located in Floral Park. 

10. Hastings-on-Hudson

Hastings-on-Hudson is a village in the southwest part of Greenburgh town. The city is located on the eastern bank of the Hudson River. Dobbs Ferry is located to the north of Hastings-on-Hudson, the City of Yonkers to the south, and incorporated parts of Hastings-on-Hudson to the east. 

Hastings was once the home of Weckquaesgeek. 



The list of richest cities in New York was compiled from the most expensive neighborhoods in New York City. Although the apartments in these cities cost a fortune, they are lovely to walk through and are super safe. Most of these cities are calm and peaceful.