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Top 10 Richest Cities In Texas 2019 – By area and population, Texas stands as the second-largest state in the United States of America. Texas has the following boundaries with the other states in the US. it joined Arkansas to the Northeast, New Mexico to the West, United States of Louisiana to the East, Oklahoma to the North, Mexican States of Chihuahua, Nuevo, Tamaulipas and Coahuila to the Southwest, and to the Southeast, it borders the Gulf of Mexico. We shall be discussing the richest cities in Texas 2019, United States of America.

We shall be writing a brief overview of these cities, how Texas come to be, the financial strength of each city also, the employment rate among others will be critically spelled out.


The top richest cities in Texas base on its occupation, economy, and population are:

  • 1. TERRELL HILLS City,

This is a town or city that is within a Bexar County, Texas State in the United States of America. Its population was 4,878 from 2010 population census. Olmos Park, Terrel Hills, Alamo Heights are all part of the three major cities.

The three major cities are situated along the Midtown San Antonio, Uptown San Antonio, Fort Sam Houston and then the Downtown San Antonio. Terrell Hills has these cities as its boundaries: San Antonio’s Near Eastside by southern part, on the Eastern part, it has Fort Sam Houston on its East and lastly Uptown San Antonio on its North.

Terrell Hills

San Antonio Metropolitan statistician Area includes Terrell Hills as its part. Dr.  Frederick Terrell who worked as a domestic finance head and in the year 1901 served as a major of San Antonio was named after the Terrell Hill Community. The Terrell Hills City was incorporated as a municipality when the era that it was managed as a community in the year 1939.

The Olmos Park serves as its major source of income, and its residents are fully employed, that is there is a decreased unemployment rate in Terrell Hills City, Texas State.

  • 2. Bellaire City,

Bellaire City, the second richest city in Texas, United States of America is well known as the City of Homes because of its feature characterized by residents mostly. The cities of Houston and West University place surrounded Bellaire City in Texas. It is between the Houston -sugar -land -Baytown. It is a southwestern city in Harris County, Texas, United States.


Its population was estimated at 18,593 from its 2016 population census reports. In economy, Bellaire City has light industrial, mixed-use of public and private uses and then the commercial properties. It has also offices located at West Loop South, The Houston Metropolitan Chamber that was greater Southwest Houston Chamber of Commerce previously has a greater role in improving the economic status of Bellaire. The occupational opportunities available in Bellaire City is mostly a civilian job, the rate of unemployment rate in the city is at its minimal rate.

  • 3. Trophy Club City,

The Trophy City is one of the richest northern subs urban of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolis. It is Texas’s first planned community that was built around the only golf course that was designed by Ben Hogan. 1,000 acres of land, planned pathways and beautiful medians are all the benefits enjoyed by all the residents in the Trophy Club.

Trophy Club City -Top 10 Richest Cities In Texas

The Trophy club had a total population of 8,024 from the 2010 population census reports. It has Denton and Tarrant counties in the US State of Texas as its location. Trophy Club has acknowledged severally as the best place to dwell in Dallas Forth Worth by D Magazine. When it comes to its economy, according to the detailed 2012 Trophy Club’s Yearly Financial report, these are the employer of employees according to their hierarchy ; Northwest Independent School District, Trophy Club, County Club, Baylor Medical Center, Town of Trophy Club, Tom Thumb, Cristina’s Mexican restaurant, Fellowship United Methodist Church, Premier Academy, Trophy Lake Academy and then Merry hill Pre-School.

  • 4. Fair Oaks Ranch City,

Fair Oaks Ranch City – 4th Among The Richest Cities In Texas

Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas is the part of the San Antonio Metropolitan statistician Area with a population of 5,986 from its 2010 population census results. It is a city located within a Bexar, in Comal and within a Kendall County in the Texas State of United States. The residents are having occupations which made it have a low rate of unemployment.

  • 5. The West University,

The West University State of Texas is commonly known as the “The West U”. And it is located in the United States of Texas and lies within the Houston City. The woodlands of Sugar-land in the Metropolitan area and it’s nicknamed as the “The Neighborhood” which is a bedroom community for Zenith class households mainly.

The West U

The population of the West University was estimated to be 14,787 from the 2010 United States population census reports. The West U operates a telephone exchange center located at 4068 Bellaire Boulevard, and that serves as its main source of income as well. Most of its residents are employed as civil servants in the school since The West U is a learning institution. Southside, Houston and Bellaire are the three cities that surrounded the ‘The West U’.

  • 6. Melissa City,

Collin County in Texas State, United States is a place where Melissa city is located. The population of residents of Melissa as from 2000 population Census report was 1,350 which was increased to 4,965 according to the report from 2010 population census exercise. When it comes to its economy of Melissa, Texas, its unemployment rate is 3.60% accompanied by 3.09% job growth and 42.58% predicted to be its job growth over the coming ten years time. Its median household income is $102,591 with $33,535 as its income per capita that included adults and children.

  • 7. Helotes City,

Helotes city is a part of the San Antonio New Braunfels metropolitan statistician Area with a population of 7,341 as at 2010 population census reports. It is also a city situated in the San Antonio in its far northern side. Helotes is a city inside Because county, Texas, United States of America. The unemployment rate in Helotes is at its minimal rate because it was estimated to be 3.01% with a growth rate of 2.08%.

  • 8. Colley Ville City,

Colley Ville, Texas is a city renamed because of grocery store opened and managed by Walter G. Couch close to Dr. Colley’s home in the year 1914. Before the year 1914, it was well known as Branford when Dr.  Lilburn Colley in the year 1880 settled there. The population of Colley Ville, Texas was 22,807 from the 2010 report of population census.

Dallas/Forth Worth Foreign Airport is 3.5 meters away from the city of Colley Ville. It is a city located in a Northwest Tarrant County, Texas, United States as well as the suburb of Fort Worth. The top employer of workers in the city of Colley Ville, Texas according to their sequence geometrically are: Grapevine Colle Ville, Market Street, Lifetime Fitness, City of Colley Ville, Whole Foods Market, Albert sons, Covenant Christian Academy, Hacienda Ranch, Walmart and then come Sunshine Academy.

  • 9. South Lake City,

This is predominantly city situated within the County of Tarrant with Denton County as its minor areas by extension in the Texas State, United States. It stands as the fourth richest city in the US when compared to its rate of poverty as 2.5% with $189,432 as of its household income. From 2010 population census reports, its population was 26,575. It is a suburb of Forth Worth and well known for its Southlake Town Square and Public Schools which stands as its economic source.

  • 10. University Park.

The Southern Methodist University uses the University Park as a dwelling place. It is an innermost part of the Northern suburb of Dallas. The Dallas County in Texas State, United States host the University Park City. As of 2010 report of population census exercise, its population was 23,068. It is one of the expensive places to live in Texas from a per capita income comparison of $198,438 with 4.2% as its rate of poverty.

The Park City and Highland Park made up the enclave of Dallas which also serves as its main source of income.


Texas has a different landscape that is identical to both the US southern and Southwestern regions as a result of its size and geological characters as seen in the Balcones fault. Over 10% of Texas land area is mostly a desert even though it is largely dominated with the US southwestern deserts, most of the people that form the population of Texas mostly resided on the former prairies, forests, coastline, and grasslands areas.

During the era of World War II, four major countries designed the economy of Texas historically, also the cattle industry stands as a major economic driver for the State before and after the US civil war. The cattle industry that serves as a major economic growth for Texas produced the primitive image of the Texas Cowboy. In the 20th century, the finding of major petroleum deposit particularly the Spindletop increased its economic growth and which eventually serve as its major driving force behind its economy.

Diversification of economy and high technology industries increased the Texas economy in the mid 20th century. The several nations that had ruled over the territory of Texas are termed as the “Six Flags Over Texas”. Texas is the leading state in terms of agriculture, electronics, biomedical sciences, computers, energy and aerospace with the emergence of its well-grown industry base.

Wealthiest Cities In Texas

In terms of revenue, Texas has been a leading state in exportation since the year 2002. Because of its increased exportation rate, it has stood to be the second-highest gross state product.

By extension, Texas is closely 1,600km away from the Northern part to its Southern part still maintaining the unchanged distance from the East to West. Apart from Alaska, Texas dominate the entire South-central segment of the nation and it stands without any rival as the biggest state in the area.

Texas is generally sub-grouped into two broad ways, which are the East and the West. Whereas the Wet climate featured with cotton tied to the old South is associated with West Texas, the East on its own is known for its dryness characterized with an affinity and ranching of cattle. Its total population was 28,304,596 as of 2017 report of population census and 25,145,561 total population as at 2010 population census reports.

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In conclusion, it can be generalized that Texas has stood as the second richest state in the United States of America because of its increased gross product of $1,706, total revenue of $71,5447, Gross Domestic Product of $59,970 with a poverty rate of 15.8% which is below poverty line according to 2017 comprehensive Annual financial analysis.

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