Top 5 Richest Comedians In Kenya 2020

Top 5 Richest Comedians In Kenya 2020. In Kenya and many other countries, comedians are regarded as impressive entertainers in acknowledgment of their rib-cracking jokes. Although comedians are great entertainers, their fame and wealth do not seem to compare those of other professional entertainers such as musicians.

Kenya’s comedy industry has been growing tremendously since it became a popular force to reckon with –thanks to Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki for his laudable contributions in popularizing the country’s comedy industry.

A multitude of Kenyans already knows that Daniel Ndambuki is Kenya’s richest comedian as well as the most popular personality in the country’s comedy industry. Meanwhile, it’s quite interesting to find out the other rich comedians in Kenya and without doubts, many comedy enthusiasts will be curious to know these lucky individuals who tag along with Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki on our list of Top 5 Wealthiest Comedians in Kenya.


  • 1. Daniel Ndambuki

Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki is Kenya’s richest comedian and arguably the most popular comedian in the country. Churchill is the reputed Chief Executive Officer of Laugh Industry Kenya but he is best known as the host of Churchill Show –a comedy TV show that runs on NTV Kenya. Born in Machakos County, Kenya in 1977, Daniel Ndambuki is a long-standing comedian who has been rocking Kenya’s comedy industry since 1996. In September 2008, he launched the renowned Churchill Live Comedy  Show. In the course of its third season, precisely in 2012, the show’s name was changed to Churchill Show. Dozens of Kenyan comedians have benefitted from Churchill and risen through his influence. The most notable of these comedians are MCA Tricky, Eric Omondi, Dr. Kingori, DJ Shitti, Jemutai, Professor Hammo, and Teacher Wanjiku.

Daniel Ndambuki

Churchill –who goes by the birth name Daniel Ndambuki –is considered one of Kenya’s fortunate citizens for having appeared on Who is Who List. The star comedian was schooled at Mumbuni High School. In addition to comedy, Churchill has laid his hands on acting by starring in several movies including “The First Grader”. Amongst Kenya’s most influential people, Churchill occupies the seventh position, making him one of the characters that have contributed to other people’s lives positively in Kenya.

Since early 2000, Churchill has stormed the Kenyan media with a new and unique comedy style which has triggered enthusiasm from myriads of people. Today, the comedian boasts massive followership on TV, radio and social media. Churchill currently has over 2 million Facebook fans and surprisingly, he is the first Kenyan citizen to reach the milestone of 1 million Facebook likes.

Through Reddykyulass – an all-time hit comedy show starring Churchill, Anthony Njuguna, KJ, Mdomo Baggy, Kajairo, and Nyambane –Churchill began gaining significant recognition for himself as a talented comedian.

Churchill has gained enormous grounds in the comedy industry most especially with the Churchill Live –a hit show with ever-increasing popularity. Today, Churchill Live has captured the interest and attention of numerous comedy fans across the globe especially in countries like India, the USA, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

According to reports, Churchill is a hilarious character that hosts family-friendly and “clean’’ shows. Lately, he was regarded by CNN as one of the most hilarious comedians in Africa. His weekly show “Churchill Show’’ on NTV features live recordings at the Carnivore Restaurant on Thursdays. The show, which is now in its 4th edition, has garnered millions of Kenyan audience –currently estimated at 11 million Kenyans. Moreover, it has been deemed the “number one’’ show across East and Central Africa.

As Kenya’s richest comedian, Churchill earns over Ksh 900,000 every month on Classic FM and NTV rewards him with the substantial sum of Ksh 10,000,000 in 6 months.

  • 2. Walter Mongare

Walter Mongare is a renowned Kenyan comedian born in 1975. Popularly known as Nyambane, Walter Mongare has made comedy the mainstay of his fame but he is also known as a singer and actor. Alongside several other popular comedians, he rose to popularity through an all-time hit comedy show titled “Reddykyulass’’. In the said comedy show, Nyambane portrayed Daniel Arap Moi and he has earned immense popularity for that.

Walter Mongare

Nyambane was schooled at Lenana School and he is a graduate of Kenyatta University. As a singer, he has released several singles including Dereva Wawilie (ft. Prince Adio), Must be Nyambane (ft. Natasha Gatabaki), Slowly my Dear (ft. Sanaipei Tande/Megcy) and Sweet Banana (ft. Talia).

  • 3. Kazungu Matano

Kazungu Matano is a well-known Kenyan comedian who appears in several advertisements. Famously regarded as Jalang’o, Kazungu Matano owns a recording studio and once worked at Radio Maisha. Besides comedy, Kazungu Matano doubles up his earnings with a number of businesses.

Kazungu Matano

Kazungu Matano is obviously one of the richest comedians in Kenya and his substantial wealth has made him the owner of several stylish cars including a Bently and Range Rover Overfinch. Lately, the star comedian stopped working at Radio Maisha and proceeded to Hot 96 where he earns a considerable monthly salary in excess of Ksh 800,000. Meanwhile, Kazung gets an invitation to a minimum of 4 events every month and charges no less than Ksh 250,000 to serve as an MC at an event.

  • 4. Eric Omondi

Eric Omondi is another popular Kenyan comedian. Though his wealth might not compare that of the comedians above, he has managed to amass a considerable fortune, making him one of the richest comedians in Kenya. Quite frankly, Eric Omondi is widely recognized for his hilarious nature and this makes him one of the funniest comedians in Kenya.

Eric Omondi

According to reports, Eric Omondi is one of the comedians that have risen through the influence of star comedian Churchill. He is said to have been introduced into comedy by Churchill and he will forever be grateful to the star comedian. Considering his manageable wealth and his fast-rising fame, Eric Omondi will likely reach greater heights in years to come.

  • 5. MC Jessy

MC Jessy –with the real name Jasper Muthomi –is a Kenyan comedian born in Meru County’s Egoji village. He offers professional services as an MC at various events including weddings, parties and other occasions. In addition, he is popularly recognized as the host of Churchill Raw Show. Currently, he is running a B Sc programme in Communications as an undergraduate at Daystar University.

MC Jessy

MC Jessy is undoubtedly one of the growing Kenyan comedians who has been making waves for themselves. Though his popularity might not rival that of the other comedians on this list, MC Jessy remains one of the richest comedians in Kenya.

That’s all about The Richest Comedians In Kenya 2020.

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