Top 10 Richest Communities In Alabama 2020

The Richest Communities In Alabama presently. Alabama is a state located in the south-eastern region of the United States. It is the 30th most significant region, and the 24th most populated state in the U.S. Alabama has 169 cities and 291 towns. This state is quite large and wealthy. The top 10 most affluent communities in Alabama will be listed below. 

Top 10 Richest Communities In Alabama 2020

  • 1. Highland Lakes 

Highland Lakes is located in Shelby County, Alabama. It has over 4,860 people residing in it. The community is a spectacular location filled with adorable homes, quiet sidewalks, parks, and streets. The town was incorporated effectively on August 17, 1967. Besides, Highland Lakes has a median household income of $134,315. Highland Lakes’ poverty rate is 2.4%, and it also has an employment rate of 3%, which is 42% lower than the national average.

  • 2. Mountain Brook 

Mountain Brook is the second richest communities in Alabama, located in Jefferson County, Alabama, with an estimated population of about 20,532 residents. Mountain Brook is one of Alabama’s wealthiest cities with a median household income of $129,777. Robin Jemison created mountain Brook in 1972. The community planning was done by Warren H manning, a landscape architect.

Mountain Brook is a beautiful region in Alabama with high-quality social amenities, good security for its residents, and high job chances. This community is also known as the ‘Tiny Kingdom.’ Stephen Highley made a list in 2008, which shows Mountain Brook is the ninth wealthiest community in the US. Mountain Brook was referred to as the ‘Tiny Kingdom’ because of its large number of regional businesses and expert leaders. Mountain Brook has an unemployment rate of 3.7% and a poverty rate of 3.2%. 

Wealthiest Communities In Alabama
  • 3. Shoal Creek 

This is another superb and luxurious community in Alabama. Shoal Creek’s estimated population is 1,448. The median household income for Shoal Creek’s residents is $126,597. This community has a poverty rate of 2.91%. It is located in Shelby County, Alabama, and it offers its residents a peaceful, vibrant, and safe environment with modern luxuries.

  • 4. Mooresville 

The estimated population for Mooresville is 69. Mooresville is one of the wealthiest Alabama communities. The community has an unemployment rate of 3.3%, with a median household income of $100,078. The city was founded on November 16, 18181, and it is one of Alabama’s oldest incorporated towns. The town is filled with historic buildings and quiet tree-shaded streets. It is a gracious and stunning little town with friendly residents.

  • 5. Indian Springs 

Indian Springs is the fifth wealthiest community in Alabama, located in Shelby County, Alabama. This community was incorporated effectively on November 14, 1990. Indian Springs has a population of 2,529 residents with a median household income of $100,078. The unemployment rate in Indian Springs is 2.9%. Furthermore, the community is deeply concerned with ways to protect, preserve, and enhance the tranquillity and natural atmosphere for its residents. Some of the notable people from Indian Springs are; Michael McCullers (a writer and director of Baby Mama a 2008 hit movie) and Mike Ryers of ‘Austin Powers in Gold members’

  • 6. Blue Ridge 

Blue Ridge is a community located in Elmore County, Alabama, with an estimated population of 1,414. The town has a median household income of $96,625 and an unemployment rate of 3.4%. The town is one of the best places to live in Alabama.

  • 7. Madison 

Madison is located in Madison County, Alabama, with an estimated population of 46,396 and a median household income of $95, 423. Hunt Ville surrounds the community by all sides. Madison was incorporated effectively in 1869. Notable people from Madison are; Kerron Johnson (a professional basketball player), Robert Hoffman (an actor, dancer, and choreographer) and Grant Dayton (a leading league basketball pitcher)

  • 8. Pike Road 

Pike Road, the eight richest communities in Alabama, is located in Montgomery County, Alabama. It has a population of over 7790 residents and has increased more than 1600% over the last decade. Pike Road was incorporated effectively in 1997 and has always been concerned with ways to provide a high-quality education system and lovely quality of life for its residents.  One of the most substantial aspects of the economy in Pike Road is Health Care and Social Assistance, which occupies 18.1% and Public Administration, which takes 13.2% of the population. Pike Road has a median income of $94,805 and an unemployment rate of 3.1%.

  • 9. Natural Bridge 

Natural Bridge is in Winston County, Alabama, and it has a population of 37. This small community has a median income of $93,393.

  • 10. Vestavia Hills 

Vestavia Hills is located in Jefferson County, Alabama. The estimated population for Vestavia Hills as of 2010 population census was around 34,033. Charles Byrd did the community in 1946. Vestavia Hills is a vibrant and charming community In Alabama with $93,178 as its median household income. Some of the prominent people from Vestavia Hills are; Michael Papa john (Hollywood Actor and Producer), Rebecca Moore (Miss Alabama USA) and Don Siegelman (Former Governor of Alabama). 

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