Top 10 Richest Counties In Georgia (2022)

The U.S state of Georgia is a historically and culturally important place. However, this is not one of the most notable places for wealth; the richest counties in Georgia may only compare to the average counties in some of the more prosperous U.S states.

However, because Georgia is very well located; close to states like Tennessee, North Carolina, and also has access to the Atlantic Ocean; there is plenty of potential for industrialization, and the possibility of wealth generation is endless.

The wealthiest counties in Georgia have not been fixed; marked changes have occurred since the time of slavery; this change has probably been helped by the coming and going of various industries that have dominated certain regions over the course of time.

Georgia is the 8th most populated area and the 24th largest in land area in the United States. According to the YU.S Census Bureau, in 2019, Georgia had a population of 10,617,423 people. Georgia was discovered in 1733 as a British colony.

Georgia has 159 counties in total. Out of these 159 counties, the richest ones will be listed below. 

Top 10 Richest Counties In Georgia

1. Forsyth County

Forsyth County is the richest county in Georgia with a Median household income of $107,218. There are about 244,252 people resident in this country and they come from diverse cultural groups of people. The Median Income in this county is impressive because it is identical to what you can find in some of the richest cities in America. Interestingly, 53.9% of the households Forsyth County earn more than $100k per year.

The economy of Forsyth County is balanced and diverse; many of the residents work in food processing, restaurants, hotels, and recreational centers. The technology industry is also growing at a steady pace, and so there is plenty of growth expected.

2. Oconee County

Oconee County has a median household income of $90,751. This is therefore the second wealthiest county in the state of Georgia. Here, 46.3% of the households in the county earn over $100k per year. That means a good part of the County’s population of about 39,272 earn a comfortable living.

The economy of Oconee County is boosted by travels. The county is crossed by several highways some of which are very important travel routes. This gives the services industry a big boost because the area is a great stop over spot for travelers, holiday makers, families going on road trips, and haulage truck drivers. There are several hotels, motels, and restaurants providing jobs, and then there is the Oconee Public School district which is another major employer in the region.

3. Fayette County

With a median household income of $90,145 per year, Fayette County is the third richest county in the state of Georgia. This county has a population of about 114,421 people, making it one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the U.S state of Georgia. Not just is the county big; it is also a prosperous one because about 45.3% of the households earn more than $100k per year.

The economy of Fayette County is boosted by the public school system; there are about 5 public schools in the area, and then the transport, healthcare, and other services also play vital roles in keeping the area economically vibrant.

4. Columbia County

Columbia County boasts a median household income of $82,339 per year. Even though that figure is appreciably less than what you can find in Forsyth County, it is still very good. Since about 39.5% of the households earn over $100k per year, however; it seems that the prosperity is not quite equitably distributed in Columbia County; about 60% of the 156,714 residents of the metropolis earn less than 100k per year.

The economy is boosted by government jobs; many people work in education, and security. Other important sectors include transportation, and social services.

5. Cobb County

Cob County has a median household income of $77,932, and so it qualifies as one of the richest counties in Georgia. This is the third largest county in Georgia with a population of about 760,141. However, there is a very serious issue of income inequality because only 38.1% of the households in this Cobb County make more than $100k per month.

Perhaps due to the large population, there is plenty of opportunity in Cobb County in the fields of retail commerce. More shopping malls are springing up in the area, and they bring with them more opportunities to find work. The Diplomatic Mission from Costa Rica is also a big boost to the economy of the county, and then the airport keeps people flowing in with their money.

6. Harris County

Harris County has a median household income of $76,319, and so it is one of the richest counties in the U.S state of Georgia. The population of Harris County is about 36,080, and only about 38.0% of the population earns more than $100k per year. A caveat is important however; before you pack you pack your bags and move to Harris County: the area is not populated by ethnic diversity, and there is quite a bad reputation of racism to worry about.

7. Coweta County

Coweta County has a median household income of $75,913. This makes it one of the richest counties in Georgia, even though there is still a considerable gap between it and those counties above it on this list. However, with a population of about 127,317, this is a bustling metropolis. More needs to be done in the area of income inequality because only 35.0% of the Households in Coweta County earn over $100k per year.

The economy of Coweta County is boosted by the services industry; education, transportation, hospitality, and health delivery are all important. Retail commerce is also important in Coweta.

8. Bryan County

Bryan County has a median household income of $72,624, a population of 39,627, and so it does not really stand out for size. 33.3% of the Households in Bryan County earn over $100k per year, and so much more has to be done to promote income equality.

The economy of Bryan County is boosted by the presence of government jobs including administration, education, transportation, and healthcare delivery.

9. Henry County

Henry County has a median household income of $71,288, and so it too does not fare too badly. The population of the county is estimated at 234,561, and so this is one of the biggest self sustaining economies in the state of Georgia.

The economy of Henry County is boosted by jobs in food processing, media, and education. Aside from the public schools in the area, there are at least 13 private schools, and at least four higher institutions of learning located in Henry County.

10. Fulton 

Fulton is currently has a median household income of $69,673. The county is located in the north-central part of Georgia, United States. Fulton is Georgia’s most populous county, with an estimated population of 1,050,114.

Fulton County was incorporated effectively on December 20, 1853, from the western half of DeKalb County. Its name Fulton was created in honor of Sir Hamilton Fulton, who was a railway officer and also the chief engineer of the state. Now, Fulton has grown into a more developed and modern area with multitudinous numbers of companies likes the AFC Enterprise, The Coca-Cola Company, Delta Air Lines, and more. The major cities in Fulton County are Alpharetta, Atlanta, Milton, College Park, and East Point. 



Of all the counties listed as the richest in Georgia, only about 2 can compete with the richer counties and cities in America. Georgia is not one of the richest states in America, and this neither a financial hub, nor a hub of production. A lot of income inequality and racism also exists in Georgia, and those could be additional reasons why the state has not really lived up to its potential.