It is paramount to evaluate and know counties doing well in Maryland in terms of economy, social status and other way round, we will start by looking briefly the structure of the fourth largest country in the world {United States of America} with close to four million square miles. And the third most populous country in the world. The United States of America is made up of fifty states, the capital located in Washington, D.C.  The current president of America is Donald Trump. ( Top 10 Richest Counties In Maryland ).


Maryland also called the old-line state, the free state, and the Chesapeake Bay state was founded by George Calvert. Maryland is a state in the United States of America bordering the cities of Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Washington D.C. The state’s largest city is Baltimore with the capital at Annapolis. It was named after the Queen Henrietta Maria of France. it is considered to be the birth place of America freedom.

The official language of Maryland is English and her largest metro is located in the Baltimore-Washington Metro area. The total area covered by the city is a total of 12,407 square miles with lengths of 119 miles and width of 196 miles containing 21% water, it shares a border with six other cities and the 19th most populated state in the United State of America. It is one of the smallest states in the U. S. in terms of area but houses around six million residents making it densely populated. It has the highest household income of any state in the U. S.  and statistics shows that the median income is $73,594.

Maryland has an area of 12,406.68 square miles. It is filled with forest, mountains and has a lake all located on the west side of the country. Maryland geography and economic system change from time to time. The highest mountain in Maryland is backbone mountain in the southwest corner of Garrett country. Earthquakes in Maryland are unusual and small to the distance between the states and seismic zones. the laurel oxbow is over 100 years old and is one of the natural lakes in Maryland.

Maryland has her fair share of natural gases, there are various plants, animals and various diverse and unique environments and climates. the state also supports over 50 races and 20 religions. Maryland has a superfood production sector ranging from agriculture, fishing, dairy, and poultry. Maryland also has a highway network of 180km, numbered from 2-999 and five airports. The tax ranges from 2-6.25 percent of personal income.

From these diverse blessings, many counties have striven well and proved well beyond any doubt that amidst other counties, from the various counties, we shall be looking below at the top ten richest of these counties in Maryland.


The following are counties in Maryland and their wealth via medium income-

  1. Montgomery
  2. Howard
  3. Anne Arundel
  4. Calvert
  5. Queen Annes
  6. Talbot
  7. Frederick
  8. Charles
  9. Carroll
  10. St. Mary’s



This is the most populous county in Maryland, US. It was named after Maryland state legislative member, Richard Montgomery. And one of the most affluent counties in the US, it is located adjacent to D.C and holds an amazing population of 1,158,810 in 2017. The county has been ranked as one of the affluent cities in the US. The county generates a significant amount of revenue from the county and houses major urban and significant government offices and facilities in the county.


Late in the 17th century, they were aspirations to form a stable federation. Thomas Wootton then introduced a new county from the south side of Frederick County. It was named after the state legislature, Montgomery County and was divided into 11 districts. The Economy of Montgomery County is based on biotechnology, medicals, and research. As well as a base for the U.S.  Federal government agencies such as Verizon, Gaint, U.S. Department for health and services, U.S. Department of Defense, Nuclear regulatory commission etc. and a lot of banks.

Montgomery County has a budget of $2.3 billion. $1.48billionare invested in public schools, $128million in colleges and currently first in the list of richest counties in Maryland.


Howard County is included frequently cited for excellence in academic activities, high standards of living and its affluence. It is populated by native Americans. The name of the county was drawn to honor Colonel John Howard, an officer in the army during the American revolutionary wars.


Around 1838, Dr. William Watkins proposed the Howard district of Anne Arundel and was planned to be launched by 1836. They present a significant amount of culture and attractions including the savage mill, shrine of St. Anthony, rep stage, Elliott city station and so on. The economy of Howard county is held by private sectors which are the John Hopkins University applied physics laboratory, Verizon wireless, Howard community college, well Fargo etc. Only an outstanding 5.2% are unemployed which amounts to 7,527 persons. The county has a total area of 253 square miles. As of 2000, they were 287,085 people occupying that area.


    This is a county in close proximity to Howard and Montgomery the county was named after the lady Anne Arundel (1615-1649), the daughter of Thomas Arundell. It was founded in April 1650 with the largest community as Glen Bernie. With the total of 588 square miles and the population of 573,235 in 2017.

Anne Arundel among The Richest Counties In Mary Land

According to the Maryland Department of business and economic development Verizon, Maryland live! Casino and Walmart, at&t etc.


This is the 5th congressional district with a population of 91,502 people in a terrain of a total area of 345 square miles. It is the smallest county in Maryland by terrain and land area. It is a part of southern Maryland bordered by four different cities. It was once called Patuxent county and was established in 1654. The primary source of income at that time was farming and tobacco and have now quadrupled the growth in the following years that the prices of homes vary above $25,000. The total area of Calvert County, Maryland is 345 square miles, it is adjacent to six counties.

Calvert County

The economy of Calvert County, Maryland is in the hands of nuclear power plants such as the Calvert cliff nuclear power plant, Lusby. As well as the united states naval research laboratory at Chesapeake beach. It’s currently the fourth richest county in Maryland


Queen Anne’s County, Maryland was named after Queen Anne of England and was founded in 1706. It was the first county to start printing independence newspapers. Fishermen of Queen Anne ‘s county are really pleased because each time they go fishing they reel in a lot of aquatic animals, migrating birds and bring a lot of solvers. Queen Anne ‘s county has a total of 250 miles of waterfront area about 28% of its terrain and a total land area of 511 square miles, it is the first congressional district in the U.S.


Queen Anne’s county Houses a population of roughly a hundred thousand citizens. Its major source of economic revenue is the educational system with consists of school and colleges such as Chesapeake collage, Kent island high school, Queen Anne ‘s county high school, Maryland, Matapeake middle school, Centreville middle school, Stevensville middle school and over 50 other day and elementary school.


Talbot County is located in the center of the eastern shores of Maryland and is bordered by four counties. The largest town in Talbot County in Easton. And 44% of its territory is submerged in water that is about 208 square miles and 269 square miles of land. Talbot county houses a total of 37,103 people. The major economic industry in Talbot county is her newspaper ‘The star democrat’.


Frederick County is located in the southern parts of Maryland, founded in 1748 has about 667 square miles of her sovereign territory. And a total A population of 252,022 people and supports six adjacent countries.

The current County executive is Jan H Gardner. Frederick County is one of the most dangerous parts of Maryland. according to Maryland business and economic department, the major economic industries in Frederick County are their scientific and research centers which include well Fargo, Frederick community college, Frederick national laboratory for cancer research. And also, the leading producer of milk in Maryland.


   Charles County was named after the third baron Charles Carlos. Charles County is located in the southern parts of the city of Maryland. It holds a population of 160,651 people in a total area of 643 square miles. And shares her border with eight counties. Their major economic revenue is also from the education sector which includes; The Charles county board of education etc.

  • 9. Carroll state, Maryland

Has its capital in the Westminster, and Eldersburg as its largest community with a population of 167,781 people in an area of 453 square miles. Her major industries include farms, hospitals, schools and other firms.


It is the first colonial settlement and capital which is now state-run. Founded In 1634 by Leonard Calvert the total area of the county is 3.10799km2 and a population of 138,452 people. The major industry is the fact that she owns the best colleges and universities in the U.S. And her unique archaeological findings.


Richest counties in Maryland have been analyzed, their populations, economy, GDP and other related and interesting facts about each county has been looked into.


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