Top 10 Richest DJs In South Africa 2020

Ranking of the Richest DJs In South Africa 2020. Among the countries housed by the continent of Africa, South Africa is emerging to be among those that contribute more to the entertainment sector. Also, researchers have shown that the country has an excellent group of Disc Jockey artists. Most of these DJs have tremendous add value and dignity to South Africa because of the high performance they do at any given event or occasion within Africa and outside the horizon of Africa. ( Richest Dj In South Africa). Even though most of these DJs are involved in other activities, they have testified that most of their fortune comes from the entertainment. These days, you must have a huge sum of money before you can invite professional DJs to come and excite the nerves of your audience. Meanwhile, professional DJs usually blend un-similar songs together to achieve an exciting mixed up that will definitely push most of the music lovers to the floor. In this article, we decided to bring to you the top 10 richest DJs in South Africa. Have a nice reading.

Top 10 Richest DJs In South Africa 2020

  • 1. Black Coffee

Coffee, whose birth name is Nkosinathi Innocent Maphumulo, emerged as the richest DJ in South Africa presently. He is a South African by birth in the year 1976, a professional DJ who blends entrepreneur with singing and record producing. Many have regarded him as the most popular DJ not just in SA but in the whole of Africa. He has been honored with various awards including SAMA Best Male Artist in 2010, SAMA Best Urban Dance Album in 2005 and Best Produced Album of the Metro FM Awards in 2010 and many others. Believe me, he is an active member of the country’s Entertainment industry.

Black Coffee
  • 2. DJ Tira

Tira emerges as the second richest DJ in South Africa. Going by the birth name Mthokozi Khathi was born in KwaZulu-Natal in the year 1976 same as Black Coffee. Even though he holds a degree in Human Resources, he still has much interest in the entertainment world. Currently, he is the owner of an event company named Afrotainment and he has managed to produced lots of mixtapes and albums.

DJ Tira
  • 3. DJ Shimza

Born in 1984, Shimza is an important figure in SA’s Entertainment industry. His hometown is the South African region of Swaziland. His fame rose to the climax after his first album titled Shimizu that was launched in 2015. His performance has actually spanned across SA and even outside of the country. On many occasions, he has given an excellent performance and this gave him an edge over others. On social media, he has the highest fan base. As a form of unity, Shimza has staged together with other DJs including Black Coffee and others.

DJ Shimza
  • 4. DJ Euphonik

Born in 1983 in Mpumalanga, SA, he was named Themba Mbongeni Nkosi. His skills of blending radio presenting, music producing and DJ actually gave him the fame he is enjoying today. This was manifested in his 2013 release titled ‘Cool and Deadly’ featuring Nyamda and DJ Fresh. The 5FM ranked the song as number one of the Top 40 songs. Because of his vast artistic skills, he has been honoured with various awards including Best Compilation Award of the Metro FM Music Awards.

DJ Euphonik – Top 10 Richest Dj In South Africa
  • 5. DJ Oskido

The 50-year old disc jockey was born in the North West of South Africa and named Oscar Bonginkosi Mdlongwa. South African like him not for anything but because of his genres which include house music, Afropop, and Kwaito. He did not depend mostly on the record producing and DJ, he also ventures into a business which of course fetched him more fortune. His fame in the SA’s Music Industry may be attributed to being a founding member of the Kalawa Jazmee Records with lots of great achievements.

DJ Oskido
  • 6. Protoculture

Protoculture is a renowned South African DJ and Musician. He actually holds a degree in sound engineering, and this has given him an upper hand over the others as he already has the theoretical aspect of the art. Apart from being among the richest, protoculture has increased his reputation by releasing a series of albums and about 70 mixtapes.

  • 7. Culoe De Song

A native of KwaZulu Natal, De song’s actual name is Culolethu Zulu. The 27-year old DJ rose to popularity eleven years ago and since then; he has refused to allow his reputation to drop even by an inch. Initially, he is a member of the popular record label called Soulistic Media. His first album titled A Giant Leap was launched in the year 2009. Other albums he has produced include Elevation in 2011, Exodus and many others. The third album actually gave him The Best Male Artist of the 2014 Metro FM Awards.

  • 8. Headroom

Among those DJ that has featured both at the local and international level is Headroom, who has performed in a significant number in international countries including Holland, Japan, Russia, Mexico, USA, Brazil, England, and others. In 2007, he witnessed a huge success that made him tour the whole of Europe for a good 90 days. Some of his releases have actually been tagged as the best-selling of the year. Some of these releases are Sepie in the Sky, Chameleon, Sweet like a lemon, The Future Begins and many more.

  • 9. Mark Scent

Among the richest DJ in South Africa is Scent, who is said to have developed a strong passion for music since his teenage life. In fact, he himself testified to that by saying that ‘he is a diehard for music’. As a result of his passion for music, he attended Azzurri Lounge in Johannesburg where he served as an apprentice acquiring musical skills. Some people have tagged him with the name- World’s Strongest DJ- because of his excellent performances at events.

  • 10. Zaxx

The growing and talented entertainer, whose name is Greg Zaccagnino, is also one of the richest DJ in South Africa. He coupled producing with the art of DJ and this has been fetching him lots of fortune. Currently, he has only one album and one video. He has about eight remixes in his gallery as a result of his expert experience in remixing. With Deeper, Dazzle, Phunky, Guess Who and others, he has produced much miscellaneous work.

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