Top 10 Richest Indians In UK (2023)

Some of the wealthiest people living in the UK are Indians. Therefore, the richest Indians in the UK may very well be among the richest people. There has been a long economic relationship between the British and India; this has been the case since the days when India was a colony of the United Kingdom. British industrialists have for a long time had a strong foothold in India, and now Indian Industrialists are investing heavily in the UK.

In this article, I highlight some of the richest Indians in the UK and also discuss how they have fared recently. This article may also serve as a marker to help indicate the direction of the various markets that the personalities on this list are involved with; as to whether they are becoming more profitable or not.  

Richest Indians In the UK

1. Reuben Brothers

David and Simon Reuben were born in Mumbai, India, but they have been in the UK since the 1950s. the brothers were named the second richest family in the UK with an estimated net worth of 16 billion dollars, but they have since added about 5 billion more to their fortune. 

They started in the scrap metal business and then went on into carpets. They established themselves by purchasing England’s oldest carpet maker, and from there they started buying real estate. The Reuben brothers expanded the metals business, and they started sending raw materials to Russia, where they had partnerships or even bought out factories.

They left the metals business to concentrate on their real estate ventures and invest in stocks and bonds. However, the Reuben Brothers staged a comeback to metals in 2008. Their investments are very well diversified, and the Reuben Brothers, through a strong commitment to sustainable planning, have developed a culture of success in their enterprises.

2. Lakshmi N Mittal

Lakshmi N Mittal, of the Arcelor Mittal Group, is next on this list of the wealthiest Indians in the Uk, with a whopping 19.4 billion dollars to his name. Mr. Mittal is not new to the UK; it has taken years to get to the position he is in today, as a leading Indian businessman in the UK. He is chairman of Arcelor Mittal, which is the world’s largest steelmaker. 

He has also consolidated his power in the steel industry as the Chairman of stainless steel manufacturer Aperam. Lakshmi N Mittal is also the co-owner of Queens Parks Rangers, which currently plays in the second division of English football.

Lakshmi N Mittal is not just a businessman; he is the Caesar of the steel industry. He is a board member of Goldman Sachs, and he is one of the most respected business personalities in the world; with numerous accolades to prove it.

3. The Hinduja Brothers

The Hinduja Brothers have an estimated net worth of 14.8 Billion Dollars which indicates that their purse has leaked significantly in recent times. They run a similarly impressive empire that spans diverse industries. 

They are four siblings: Srichand, Gopichand, Prakash, and Ashok. They inherited a solid foundation from their father who had businesses in Iran around 1919. The headquarters of the family businesses remained in Iran until 1979 when the Islamic Revolution them to seek refuge in the UK. Now they have grown the company into a multinational conglomerate, with its headquarters in the UK.

Today the Hinduja Group makes trucks, and lubricants, and has businesses in banking and cable television. They also have an enviable portfolio of real estate investments, some of which will house their companies. They have operations in the UK, Switzerland, France, India, and so on.

4. Sri Prakash Lohia

Sri Prakash Lohia comes is the fourth richest Indian in the Uk with a net worth of about 6.6 billion dollars. This is one person that can claim 3 nationalities. He is Indian by birth, he has spent much of his working life in Indonesia, and now he lives in the UK.

Sri Prakash Lohia is the chairman of Indorama Corporation, which deals in chemicals and textiles. Lakshmi Mittal the steel mogul is his brother-in-law.

5. Anil Agarwal

Anil Agarwal is another top Indian –British businessman. He is the founder and Chairman of Vedanta Resources Limited. Anil Agarwal has a 100% stake in his business, and perhaps that is why he has been able to efficiently manage it.

He was born and brought up in Patna, Bihar, India. He was the son of a small aluminum conductor dealer. He became interested in the business and decided to join his father in making aluminum conductors, rather than enrolling in university.

Today he sits at the head of Volcan Holdings Plc, which has diversified investments in various natural resources such as zinc, lead, silver, copper, iron ore, and aluminum. He is also into power generation, and oil and gas. He also has a controlling interest in Anglo-American, a large mining company.

6. Lord Swraj Paul, Baron of Marylebone

Lord Swraj Paul was born in India but has now secured his place in the British establishment.  Lord Swraj Paul is a British Business Magnate, he is also a Philanthropist and life peer. He has been the Deputy Speaker of the Lords and has been appointed to the Privy Council.

He was at the helm of the Caparo Group until he stepped down in 1996. His son Angad Paul took over from him, but sadly the company has broken down.

7. Navin Engineer 

Navin Engineer is an Indian- British Billionaire businessman. His company is Chemidex, and he makes pharmaceutical products. Navin was born in Kenya to Indian parents, but he was sent to England as a young lad. He studied at the London School of Pharmacy and went on to establish his own pharmaceutical company.



The richest Indians in the UK, have had mixed fortunes in recent times, while the Reuben Brothers have seen their fortunes jump, the Hinduja Brothers have not only seen their fortunes dwindle, they have become mired in a legal battle that could dismantle their business empire that has stood for 3 generations. In any case, there is much to learn from the vision and tenacity of these extraordinary personalities.