Top 10 Richest Kids In Africa 2020

List of the richest kids in Africa presently. In the times past wealth came with age. High net worth individuals were most often older men or women whom people addressed as sir and ma. These days however, things are changing; more and more young people are making the lists of the richest, highest net worth individuals not just in developed countries, but also in Africa.

In this article we want to know who the richest children are. Not just their names, but the stories behind how they rose to wealth, prestige, and fame. Hopefully, we can learn one thing or two, inspire ourselves, or at least be entertained. We now present the top 10 richest kids in Nigeria 2020. 

Top 10 Richest Kids In Africa 2020

Muhoho, Ngina and Jomo Kenyatta
  • 1. Muhoho, Ngina and Jomo Kenyatta

 Muhoho, Ngina, and Jomo, also called the Kenyatta children, are the progeny of Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta. It is also worthy of mention that their grandfather was the first president of Kenya. Muhoho is the youngest of them all. These children are heirs to one of the biggest fortunes in Africa. They are the de facto owners of some of biggest land holdings in Kenya, as well as many big companies in the country which  are owned by their father or by their grandmother Mama Kenyata who is by herself one of the richest people in Kenya. Some of their companies are Brookside Dairies and MediaMax; a group of companies that includes Milele FM, K24 TV, Kameme FM, and the People Daily. They also own Heritage Hotels and have the largest percentage of shares in the Commercial Bank of Africa. 

Regina Daniels
  • 2. Regina Daniels

Regina Daniels was born on 10th October 2000, making her less than 20 years old. In Nigeria she ranks among the richest celebrity kids, for two reasons. First, she is an actress. She is said to receive around $1,500 per role, but we are very confident that her fees have risen even more recently. She has recently married a billionaire Prince Ned Nwoko, an international businessman, making her part owner of a fortune in excess of 3 billion dollars. Regina Daniels is involved in charity work, and she annually gives out millions of naira to the less privileged. Apparently, she has less time to feature in movies now, but we believe that you can get her attention if you have the right role, and the right budget, that’s about the second richest kid in Africa. 

Baby Lorde
  • 3. Baby Lorde 

 Baby Lorde is both Ghanaian and Canadian. She is the daughter of the Canadian businessman, Douglas Pitcher and popular Ghanaian actress, Kafui Danku. Baby Lorde was born on 26th October 2016 and is one of the youngest richest kids in Africa. Surprisingly too, she can be described as self-made; her wealth is not inherited or gifted from her parents. She is a model, and celebrity, and started building her net worth when she got her first endorsement deal, which came from Royal Monopoly Baby Diaper. That deal was quite a lucrative one; she made approximately $18,800. Her handlers have marketed her vigorously as a brand; she already has over 226,000 Instagram followers. She is quite fashionable if it is reasonable to say that a four year old baby has good dress sense. She is an upcoming fashionista with a great potential. May God give her good health so that she can continue to shine. 

Emmanuella Samuel
  • 4. Emmanuella Samuel

Emmanuella Samuel is a very funny girl is on our list of richest kids in Africa. This young Nigerian comedienne who works with Mark Angel Comedy- a comedy group who specialize in making short viral videos for mobile phone distribution. She was born in Port Harcourt, River State, Nigeria, on 22nd July 2010 making her about 10 years old. She has become a child star, earning for herself much deserved praise and adulation. She has broken into stand-up comedy, sharing a stage with some of the biggest names in Nigerian stand-up comedy. She has also broken into acting, making her one of the Nigerian movie industry’s brightest prospects for the future.  Emmanuella’s popularity has earned her marketing and brand endorsement deals all over country. In 2013, Emmanuella won City People Award. She has also won the G Influence Niger Delta Special Talent Award and NEA Award. She has also been recognized outside Africa; winning two awards in Australia; Princess of Comedy, and Most Prominent Kid Comedienne. Her net-worth is estimated to be in the region of about $170,000. 

Ify Ufele
  • 5. Ify Ufele

Ify Ufele is a Nigerian girl who currently lives in America. This young girl is a promising fashion designer whose talents are pout of this world. She has featured her designs at the New York Fashion Week. Much of Ify’s work is inspired by African culture, and she has certainly wowed the American crowd with Nigerian style of dressmaking. Ify is proud of her African identity. She was recently appointed as a United Nations Junior Ambassador of Peace for her work as an anti-bullying activist. She started a non-profit ‘Bullychasers’ which has received a lot of support from the American government, as well as conscientious private individuals. She is also a social media personality; she is always actively posting motivational messages. She is said to be worth at least 20 million naira (USD60,000).

  • 6. Ahmed Starboy

Ahmed Starboy, among the richest kids in Africa, a young singer and rapper from Nigeria. He loves to make his own rendition of popular songs done by popular musicians, and fortune smiled on him when he did a cover of one of wizkid’s songs. Wizkid is a popular Nigerian singer. Wizkid was so much impressed by his abilities that he gave Ahmed $27,500 as a token of appreciation, and he then enrolled him in his Star Boy record label. Ahmed Starboy continues to wow audiences with his performances, showing that the future is even brighter than today. 

  • 7. DJ Young Money: 

DJ Young Money is a Nigerian child disc jockey, the talented 11 year old DJ already has already established himself in the entertainment industry in Nigeria, even at such a young age. He is highly sought after for shows, events, concerts, and private parties. He makes millions of naira even for short appearances. In 2016, he signed a deal with Nigerian entertainment outfit K-Nation Entertainment, as the in-house DJ of the Label. 

  • 8. Ozzy Bosco

Ozzy Bosco is an eleven year old singer. This child is so blessed with talent- singing, dancing, and stage performance.  According to some ‘experts’ the young boy is worth roughly over 150,000 U.S. dollars. Hopefully this young talent can continue on the ascendancy and then this figure would only be a taste of what is to come. He is truly blessed with talent, and if his handlers can keep him focused, and hungry for success then the sky is the limit. He can go all the way to become one of the brightest stars in Africa and the world.

Conclusion On The Wealthiest Kids In Africa:

As always, it is a very difficult job to estimate other people’s wealth, especially without their permission or cooperation. It has been exciting for us to compile this information, as it has given us a sneak preview of what is coming for Africa in terms of talent, and individuals with the ability to generate wealth. Hopefully this information has inspired you to push yourself and aspire to make something of yourself. Who knows, maybe we will soon be celebrating you on this site. 


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