Top 10 Richest Men In Manchester 2020

Top 10 richest men in Manchester – One of the major cities in the North West region of England is Manchester, and it occupies a space within the United Nation’s second most populated area pulling a population of about 3.2 million. To the South and North/East, it is bordered by Cheshire and Pennines respectively. Founded in the first 1st century, Manchester is the third control of the United Kingdom Economy today.

Being a city with a rich industrial heritage, Manchester harbours many industries founded by individuals and organizations. These industries do not only add value to the economy of Manchester but also increase the purse of the founders.

Residents living in Manchester are most business-oriented as many of them have one or two firms that they are managing. Therefore, the standard of living in the country is somehow average, if not high. However, to have first-class information, it is essential to know who and who control the economy of the city.

In line with this, this post aims at providing for you the 10 richest men in Manchester.

Top 10 Richest Men In Manchester 2020

John Whittaker and Family
  • 1. John Whittaker and Family – Net Worth: £2.3bn

John Whittaker takes the first position on our list. John Whittaker, who is the major cardinal point in the Family, is a 76-year-old man born in Bury into an independently wealthy, entrepreneurial family called the Whittaker Family. After finishing his studies at a Catholic School, he decided to venture back into the business rather than becoming a Roman Catholic. In his business adventure in 1960, he became more involved in business around the Manchester Ship canal before finally setting up the Trafford Centre in 1998. Currently, he is the chairman of Peel Group which is today, endowed with shopping centres, ports, power stations, airports including Durham Tees Valley Airport, MediaCityUK and Lennon Airport. He later sold the Trafford Center in 2011 in a deal where he is also a member of the board as a Chairman. John Whittaker has five children and together with his wife, they currently live on the Isle of Man in Billown Mansion. Now, he stands at number 31 in the Sunday Times Rich List.

Peter and Fred Done
  • 2. Peter and Fred Done – Net Worth: £1.35bn

With a net worth of £1.35 bn, Peter and Fred Done takes the second position on our list of top 10 richest men in Manchester. The two gentlemen are said to be the most beneficiary of the betting system in Manchester as that explains how they got their wealth. In the 1970s, Peter and Fred ventured into their own betting business which by 1983, they had established about 67 branches, making them gain more ground. During the days of their business, an awkward employee filed a case against them in the tribunal which left Peter with a bad taste of the game. Therefore, he took action by buying a small employment law and tribunal advice company and became the Managing Director. He named the company Peninsula, which helps to clear all debt within twelve (12) months of establishment. Peter and Fred were named the Ernst and Young Master Entrepreneur of the Year 2008, all because of the success recorded by Peninsula.

Phillip Day
  • 3. Phillip Day – Net Worth: £1.3 bn

Phillip Edward Day, popularly referred to as Phillip Day, is a business born in Stockport in the year, 1965. Since his school days, Phillip has been highly inspired to be a businessman as he engaged in a handful of part-time jobs, including working for his parents at their shop. He was offered a place in the University after graduating from high school. However, due to his love for business, he turned down the offer and started his career at clothing manufacturers called Coats Viyella and Wensum. Later on, he became the Joint Managing Director of Aquascutum. Now, he is the owner and CEO of The Edinburgh Wollen Mill Group, which owns Peacocks, Jaeger, Jane Norman, Austin Reed, and other retailers. Phillip Day was featured in the List of Sunday Times Rich in 2016 with a net worth of 1.05 billion Euros.

Lord Grantchester and the Moores Family
  • 4. Lord Grantchester and the Moores Family – Net Worth: £1200m

John Moores gave birth to Lord Grandchester and founded the Littlewoods pools business in the year, 1923. Reports have it the family is very obsessed with checking the football results. Ever since the Family expanded its business horizon into mail-order catalogues and retailing, it has maintained a strong connection with Everton and Liverpool football clubs. At Goodison Park, Grandchester is a shareholder and a donor of 100,000 Euros to a charitable trust called Everton Charitable Trust. The Trust has an archive of football apparatus including medals, shirts, and programmes. The Sunday Times Rich List ranked him number 32.

  • 5. Henry Moser and Family – Net Worth: £1.01bn

 In 1973, Henry Moser took the bull by the horn and co-founded Jerrold Holdings, which is a mortgage loan lender together with Barrie Pollock. Born in 1950, Henry Moser founded the Together Financial Services Limited, a UK Mortgage lender. In 2006, he walked up to Barclays Private Equity and sold a 30% stake in Together. However, he later repurchased it, thereby retaining 100% of the stake.

Mahmud Kamani and Family (Boohoo Founders)
  • 6. Mahmud Kamani and Family (Boohoo Founders) – Net Worth: £1bn, which is an online fashion retailer, was founded by Mahmud Kamani to provide clothing of different sizes to the people of Manchester. Recently, the company has been growing at an extraordinary rate. In 2006, the operation was started by Kamani and Carole Kane by supplying high street chains such as Primark and New Look. Through a recession into a fashion powerhouse, the peer was able to grow the business rapidly.

  • 7. Anthony Green and the Zochonis Family – Net Worth: £811m

Here is another family that takes their business seriously like the oxygen we breathe in. Anthony Green, the main actor of the family, was a former chairman of the famous PZ Cussons, which is a stock-based company widely known for Carex soaps and Imperial Leather. Also, the gentleman is also a nephew to the populous Sir John Zochonis. Recently, the company reached out in January to acquire Sanctuary Spa Holdings for the sum of 75 million Euros. Today, the company produces body care products that are used widely in Manchester.

  • 8. Micheal and Chris Oglesby – Net Worth: £587m

For the past forty-two (42) years, the family-owned business has grown beyond the expectations of any mind. Currently, the company owns third office space in the whole of Manchester city. Now, the company holds a portfolio of about one hundred and fifteen (115) properties and still expanding.

  • 9. The Warburton Family – Net Worth: £545m

One of the families that were successful by providing food to the people of Manchester is The Warburton Family. Founded in 1876 as a small grocery, a bakery company named Warburtons Bakery was established by Thomas Warburton and his wife, Ellen Warburton. Today, the company has human resources of about 4500 people across 12 bakeries and 14 depots around the United Kingdom. Currently, the company has Jonathan Warburton as the Chairman and Brett Warburton and Ross Warburton as executive directors.

  • 10. Nitin Passi – Net Worth: Over £200m

Fashion Design also pays. Here is a successful fashion retailer, who founded and owned Missguided in 2008, which is a fashion retailer that offers to clothe residents, most especially women, of Manchester and beyond depending on their choices. Born in 1982, Passi went to Newcastle University where he obtained a degree in Business Management. Upon graduation, he worked for one of the fashion wholesalers of his father. He once said that the launching of his company was geared by recognizing the growth of online retail and the fewer fashion options available for young women.

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Manchester is a city endowed with many entrepreneurs that not only add value to the economy of the town but also strive to provide quality products for the residents of Manchester.

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