Top 10 Richest Men In South Africa 2020

Do you want to know the richest men in South Africa presently, I mean the SA Billionaires? then you are in the right place. This country has one of the most stable economies in Africa and can be regarded as one of the most developed countries in Africa. This development paves the way for investments and opportunities for people to wealth and has it in surplus. As a result of such an enticing economy, most people on the list of the richest people in Africa come from South Africa, because of the opportunities and experiences they are exposed to in the country.

Taking a look at the country itself, there are some people that have a static wealth that could only be usurped if they mismanaged their funds. These individuals who are seen as the richest in South Africa, the male category, have a huge amount of investments within and outside SA. Their wealth comes in multi-million and billions of dollars. Aside from being big investors, these individuals have personal businesses of their own that they run. This is very good because these men help their country to create job opportunities for a lot of citizens of the country. This way, it becomes a win-win situation for everyone.

Top 10 Richest Men In South Africa 2020

Nicky Oppenheimer
  • 1. Nicky Oppenheimer

Net Worth: $7.5 Billion

This multi-billion magnet is worth 7.6 billion US Dollars, which makes him the richest man in South Africa and he ranks second on the list of richest African men. He studied Politics, Philosophy, and economics in school and he was a former worker at Anglo-American Corporation in London, which was a mining company established in 1917 by his birth father. After spending a while in London, he relocated to Johannesburg to be part of De Beers Diamond Mining Company, since that was all he knew how to do. He soon became the Chairman of the company, but he sold 40% of his stake in the company later on and left. He is also more interested in other things, which does not necessarily involve making money.

Nicky loves flying helicopters and anything that can fly generally and he developed this hubby as a child. He also loves playing cricket and is fascinated with conservation. He is the sole owner of the Tswalu Kalahari Reserve, which is a game reserve in South Africa and the largest at that. Nicky was born on June 8, 1945, to Bridget née McCall and Harry Oppenheimer. He is also the grandson of Ernest Oppenheimer who was the founder of Anglo-American. He got married to Orcillia Strilli Lasch, the daughter of Helli Lasch, who was an industrial tycoon, in 1968. Although his father was born Jewish, he converted to Anglicanism when he grew up, which made Nicky an automatic Anglican.

Johann Rupert
  • 2. Johann Rupert

Net Worth: $4.5 Billion

He and his family are the 2nd richest person in South Africa with a net worth of 4.5 billion US dollars. He also ranks 4th on the list of the richest Africans alive. He is the firstborn and son of Anton Rupert, who is the CEO of luxury goods outfit, which is known as Compagnie Financiere Richemont. Johann gets most of his wealth from investments in holding companies like Remgro and Reinet. Aside from making money, he loves praying golf and he was once the Vice President of the Golf Tour in Europe. He loves education a lot and he is the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. 

Richest South African Billionaires- Jacobus Petrus Koos Bekker
  • 3. Jacobus Petrus Koos Bekker

Net Worth: $2.1 Billion

This billionaire has a bet worth of $2.1 billion in his reach and he gets this wealth from being at the forefront of markets media groups in South Africa. He is also the Charmian od one of the leading media groups, based in South Africa. He is known as a machine in human form who helped to turn a newspaper publisher in South Africa into one of the biggest investors. He is a proactive and business-minded being who would stop at nothing to make sure everything he places his hands on, turns into gold, just like he did the newspaper company.

Patrick Motsepe
  • 4. Patrice Motsepe

    • Net Worth: $1.4 Billion

He was the first African to become a billionaire and he ranks 4th on the list of richest men in South Africa. Most of his enormous wealth sprang up from his mining company known as African Rainbow Minerals. The company deals with platinum, nickel, chrome, coal copper and every other mining products like gold. He has a net worth of $1.4 billion from his company which helped to make him the first African, according to Forbes, to be a billionaire. He is a citizen of Soweto and went to school to study law. He has a large shares capacity in Harmony Gold, with the help of his company, he swats on a high table in Sanlam, which is a financial services company on the outskirts of Cape Town. He also indulges some incorporate companies such as Mamelodi Sundowns Football Club od which is the president.

  • 5. Michiel Roux

Net Worth: $1.3 Billion

He is valued at $1.3 billion and he hails from South Africa obviously. He brought about a bank in 2001, which is called, Capitec Bank and he helps to trade Stock Exchange for Johannesburg. He also has 11% in this bank, which aided in his net worth. He was the chairman of the bank board for 9 years before decided to be a normal board member. He is also in charge of a small bank known as Boland Bank, a small-sized bank in a town called Hinterland.

  • 6. Stephen Saad

Net Worth: $1.2 Billion

He owns a net worth of $1.2 billion in his names and comes 7th on the list of the richest men in South Africa. He is a businessman from South Africa and the founding father of a Pharmacare known as Aspen, which is the largest producer of drugs for generic issues. He was a student at the University of Natal and he got a Bachelor of Commerce from there. She soon relocated to Ireland for a course and became a chartered accountant. His best sport is Rugby and he plays it in Ireland.

Christoffel Wiese
  • 7. Christoffel Wiese

Net Worth: $1.1 Billion

This billionaire ranks 3rd on this list with a net worth of 1.1 billion and where he got his wealth from is from being lucrative and smart at the same time. According to Forbes, Wiese is the fourth richest African, living in South Africa. He is regarded as a man with self-made instincts and he is very prominent in the retailing sector of business organizations in South Africa. He shares in the shareholding seat of a particular shopping mall, which is regarded as the largest, most lucrative, and low-priced store in all parts of Africa, known as ‘Shoprite’. Aside from this, he is one of the stakeholders for a very large clothing company known as ‘Pepkor’, which offers you lovely outfits, shoes and textile chain. Also, as an investor, he has investments in about 7 trading companies.

  • 8. Jannie Mouton

Net Worth: $1.06 Billion

He is valued at a net worth of $1.06 billion. He is a proud chartered accountant and the founder of PSG Group. His group is on the top list of South Africa’s investment and banking sectors. He also dabbles into agriculture, education, and equity. However, before he decided to establish his company, he was a founding partner at a stockbroking firm known as Senekal, Mouton & Kitshoff, but soon enough, he was fired from the firm for undisclosed reasons. He went on to start his present company and rose up to be one of the richest men in South Africa today.

  • 9. Laurie Dippenaar

Net Worth: $650 Million

Being the 9th person on this list does not mean he is not very wealthy, as he is worth $650 million according to his assets and business earnings. He is an investor, a banker, and a business tycoon. He is also the co-founding father of FirstRand Limited which came about 1977 and GT Ferreira. These banks are ranked as the best in South Africa. He the Chairperson of Discovery, Momentum, and OUTsurance which are very big companies in South Africa respectively. He has unusual hobbies which include; cycling, canoeing, and rugby. He is also a known philanthropist throughout South Africa and when he sees leadership potentials in a student, he gives him or her scholarship for a postgraduate degree. 

  • Desmond Sacco

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These men are known throughout South Africa as the most indigenous and business-minded people who went against all odds to make sure that their wealth speaks for them anywhere they go. Men have always been known to have leadership skills and the common things amongst all these men is that they are all leaders in their various jurisdictions.

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