Top 10 Richest Musicians In Uganda 2021

 African music right now is at an exponential growth phase. We have African musicians filling out huge capacity venues for their concerts outside the continent. American music artists now freely work with their African counterparts even featuring them in their songs. The music business in Africa has become so serious and in the middle of everything, the music artists themselves have started reaping the fruits of their labor and now we bring to you the list of richest musicians in Uganda. Although it has not been too easy, because of different factors still, the entertainment industry as a whole seems to be favorable to some extent for our indigenous music acts with some even being able to amass a fortune.

Who Is The Richest Musician In Uganda? Uganda is a country that has stood out in the Eastern part of Africa along with Kenya and Tanzania to showcase to the rest of the world the rich musical heritage and versatility in Africa. In this article, we would take a look at some of the biggest music acts to grace the Ugandan music industry as well as, list in a countdown, the top ten richest Uganda musicians currently.


1. Bobi Wine – $1.6 million

Also known as the Ghetto President, Bobi Wine is a dance hall music artist from Uganda and he holds the number one spot for the richest musician in the country. He is also richer than most Ugandan musicians including industry veteran Jose Chameleone. He has endorsement deals with brands such as MTN, the Ministry of Health, Centenary Bank, and Lifebank condoms. He has heavily invested in music, real estate, and agriculture and he has a beach on Lake Victoria called One Love Beach. He also runs a transport network with taxis. All these and more have sent him smiling to the bank.

Bobi Wine

He has in his possession a yacht, a speedboat, and several luxury cars including an escalade. In 2016, in the month of January, he was elected to the national parliament of Uganda and he represents Kyanddondo East constituency.

2. Jose Chameleon – $1.1 million

Jose Chameleon is undoubtedly one of the richest musicians in Uganda at the moment and is also arguably, one of the richest musicians in East Africa as a whole. In an illustrious career that has lasted for over 20 years, he has been able to churn out what seems to be an unending flow of timeless musical hits.

Jose Chameleon has mouthwatering endorsement deals with big companies in Uganda such as MTN, Coke Studio Africa, Pepsi, and Ugandan Cranes just to mention a few. He is also the owner of a private beach located around the showers of Lake Victoria known as Coco Beach. He also has other monster investments in real estate including the prestigious Daniella Villas Apartment.

Jose Chameleone – Top 10 Richest Musicians In Uganda

He has played in shows all over the world and holds two records of hosting the most expensive event in East Africa as well as hosting the largest concert with an attendance of over 40,000 people. He has a fleet of luxury cars and really expensive shoes that sometimes cause a stir when he’s on the road. His luxury mansions are spread across the country and he even has in Rwanda and also in the United States of America.

3. Ragga Dee – $1 million

Ragga De is one of the biggest music exports from the country of Uganda found in Eastern Africa. As his name implies he is heavily into the reggae genre of music although, he sometimes branches into Hip Hop and the local Lingala music genre. He is said to be the first Ugandan musician to buy a luxury car after acquiring a Hummer in the year 2006. He is into real estate and he also owns a record label called Buggie Empire. He performs in shows both within and outside of Africa and is very wealthy.

Ragga Dee

4. Meshach SSemakula – $560,000

This young man prides himself on being one of the founding members of Eagles Production. Currently, his effect can also be felt at Golden Productions where he functions as one of the top directors. One of the most popular recording music studios in Uganda, Kann Studio, is owned by him. He has also made a lot of investments in real estate as he owns apartments in the different provinces across the country. This makes him be one of the richest musicians in Uganda.

5. Ronal Mayinja – $554,000

He is known across the country for the strong passion he has for music. His drive for music made him be among the founders of Eagles Productions. He is also in the hospitality business as he is the owner of Roma Hotels and also Roma Wares. Ronald Mayinja also owns a transport network where his lorries are used in the transportation of bulk materials across the country. This has made him become one of the top ten richest musicians in Uganda today.

6. Bebe Cool – $500,000

Bebe Cool the singer of the very popular ‘Love You Every Day’ song began doing music in Kenya. As time went on he, however, moved to Uganda to continue his music. He has found himself on the top of the music charts in many East African countries and has performed in a lot of concerts and shows. Today, he is one of the richest Ugandan and East African musicians. He has endorsements with several companies such as Coke Studio Africa, Airtel, and Ugandan Cranes. He was also a popular figure in the campaign of Ugandan President Museveni. He also operates his own record label known as Gargamel Music and is a real estate investor.

Bebe Cool

7. Geoffrey Luataaya – $350,000

Geoffrey Lutaaya is as well, one of the founders of the very famous Eagles Productions. More recently though, he has gone on to establish his own music imprint known as Da New Eagles Production. His home is of high quality and has been ascertained to be expensive. He is into hospitality as well as he has two motels, one hotel, and a club as well. He also owns other landed properties.

8. Eddy Kenzo – $350,000

M. Eddy Kenzo is one music artist that has spread his tentacles to other parts of Africa. He is highly regarded outside the borders of Uganda and his music is highly rated. Mr. Kenzo is a brand ambassador of some of the biggest brands in Uganda including Airtel and he is also the Ambassador of Tourism. His wide acceptance has seen him touring in up to 30 different countries. He has been able to amass wealth for himself and possesses a mansion in Kampala, has expensive cars, and different plots of land in and around Kampala.

9. Grace Nakimera – $320,000

Grace Nakimera is known throughout the country for her very vibrant musical performances when she is on stage. In fact, she has been regarded as one of the best live performers in Uganda. Grace Nakimera is one of the richest musicians in Uganda courtesy of inherited wealth, and a few sound business decisions. She is into modern agriculture, and that has helped her amass more wealth. She also has investments in real estate as she is the owner of a number of apartments and lands in Kampala, and other parts of Uganda.

10. Haruna Mubiru – $290,000

Haruna Mubiru was a part of Eagles Productions and excelled with them. But, he later left to create Kream Production to his credit. He has had a good musical career so far and is blessed with a beautiful house and a fleet of cars. He also has invested in real estate building flats and houses for rentals.

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