Top 10 Richest Person In New York (2023)

New York, also known as Big Apple is the hub for the super-rich. Wall Street was known for the stock exchange, Times Square was known for iconic business and cultural hubs, and Fifth Avenue for fashion.

It is no surprise that New York is home to billionaires, shopping stores that can break the bank, and expensive real estate. Fashion moguls, media empires, hedge fund billionaires, and property tycoons call the state home. 

It is quite expensive to live in the state, but the people on this list of richest people in New York do not have trouble footing any bill. New York City boasted of the world’s ultra-wealthy population until Honk Kong took the position. 

Richest People In New York

1. Michael Bloomberg 

Michael Bloomberg is the first richest person in New York. Michael is an American billionaire and politician. He earned his fortune through information services media companies, and financial news. He was the former Mayor of New York.

Michael is the eighth richest person in America and the twelfth wealthiest man in the world. He was officially chosen for the 2020 Presidential race. 

Born in 1942, Michael was raised in a middle-class family in Boston, Massachusetts. He graduated with a degree in electrical engineering from Johns Hopkins University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. 

Bloomberg started his career at Solomons Brother where he was managing the equity trading. Bloomberg launched Innovative Market Systems after he was laid off at Simons Brother. The Innovative Market Systems was renamed Bloomberg LP, and now the company can boast f more than 300,000 terminals. 

Michael stepped down as CEO to pursue his political aspirations. He ran for the post of Mayor and assumed office in 2002. He spent three terms as the Mayor before he reclaimed his position as the CEO of Bloomberg LP. 

2. Julia Koch 

David Koch, the owner of Koch Industries was husband to Julia Koch before his death in 2019. Julia and David Koch had three children before his demise. Julia became the richest woman in New York after she got a 42 percent stake in Koch Industries.

Koch was involved in refining, manufacturing, finance, investing, commodity trading, and distribution of petroleum. 

3. Stephen Schwarzman 

Stephen Schwarzman, born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is an American billionaire. Stephen graduated from Yale University and earned his MBA from Harvard Business School.

Stephen started his career at Lehman Brothers after college. He was the managing director and Head of Global Acquisitions and Mergers before he left the firm. Stephen co-founded The Blackstone Group which he represents as the sole owner and CEO.  

4. Len Blavatnik 

Len Blavatnik is one of the wealthiest people in New York. Len is an American billionaire with both US and UK residency. He is nicknamed Britain’s wealthiest man. He made his fortune from buying Warner Music and selling his stake in a Russian oil company.

Len has an Access Industry and investment firm. His Access Industry holds stakes in Tory Burch, Lyondell Basell, and Rocket Internet.

5. Leonard Lauder 

Leonard Lauder is the chairman of Estée Lauder, a cosmetic brand. Lauder came up with a theory that women tended to buy more lipstick than dresses and shoes. This theory was discredited when lipstick sold less during an economic downturn.

Lauder is also the chairman of the Whitney Museum of American Art known for his association with Gotham Book Mart. 

6. James Simons 

James Simons is a philanthropist, mathematician, and hedge fund manager. Simons is the founder and CEO of Renaissance Technologies. He is the trustee for Brookhaven National Laboratory.

James graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and also got a Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of California. 

Simons was made the pioneer for financial signal processing because of his expertise in pattern recognition and he was a code breaker for the National Security Agency. 

Simons founded Renaissance Technologies, a hedge fund investment company. He was the CEO from 1982 till 2009 when he stepped down. 

James was married to Marilyn Hawrys Simons and they both had five children. Together with his wife, Simon established Avalon Park in Stony Brook. Simon made most of his money from Renaissance Technologies. 

7. Rupert Murdoch 

Keith Rupert Murdoch is the founder of News Corp. Rupert is an Australian media mogul and an extremely influential figure. He owns some of the most remarkable publishing outlets in the world.

Murdoch started his career as the owner of a small newspaper. He eventually branched out and focused on international markets. 

Keith was born in 1931 in Australia. He took over the family business when he was 21 years old. He succeeded in taking the family business to a successful paper. Rupert acquired more publications and also transformed them into successful papers. 

8. Carl Icahn 

Carl Icahn is an American businessman born in New York in 1936. Carl is an investor and activist shareholder. He graduated from Princeton University before he joined the army.

Carl is known as one of the successful activist investors in the whole world. He started his career as a stockbroker before he established Icahn & Co. He controlled corporations such as Texaco, Phillips Petroleum, TWA, Viacom, Revlon, RJR Nabisco, Uniroyal, Blockbuster, Marvel Comics, and Motorola.

Carl Icahn owns 92 percent of Icahn Enterprises. Icahn Enterprises controls Federal-Mogul, Tropicana Entertainment, American Railcar, and more.  

9. Constantine Alexander-Goulandris 

Constantine N. Alexander-Goulandris is a Greek businessman born in New York City. Constantine is the majority shareholder and chairman of and a Monaco-based petroleum and energy shipping firm, Petromaritime. He is also the chairman of Victory Carriers.

Alexander grew Olympic Maritime into one of the world’s largest energy shipping companies after completely acquiring it. 

Alexander is known to own helicopters, a private jet fleet, mega-yachts, and several subsidiaries. and over a dozen additional subsidiaries. He also maintains homes in various parts of the world like Paris, New York, Los Angeles, London, Hawaii, etc. 

10. Anthony Malkin 

Anthony Malkin is tenth among the richest people in New York. Anthony is an American billionaire and owner of Malkin Holdings. He also owns all the companies affiliated with Malkin. 

Anthony’s firms comprise construction, real estate acquisition, and management. Malkin earned a B.A. degree from Harvard University and became part of Chemical Venture Partners in 1985. 

Anthony’s grandfather, Lawrence A. Wien started the real estate business in the family in the 1920s. Now, the Malkin family has several investments internationally.  



New York is a well-established hub for real-estate and media conglomerates. This list of richest people in New York includes names of billionaires in food, fashion, and Wall Street Moguls. Although it is very expensive to live in New York, the people on this list can effortlessly reside here without any issues with footing the bills.