Top 10 Richest States In USA 2023

In this article, you will be given full insight into the economy of the richest states to be discussed. These richest states in the US will be examined depending on business as a source of economic drive. The businesses tend to create a standard economy that everyone is currently enjoying in the country.

We will examine the population size and density of these states. If you are not familiar with the top 10 richest states in the USA, then you should take a good look at this article and don’t stop reading until the end.


  • 1. Washington D. C.

This ranks number 18 on the list of largest States in the USA, and it has a land area mass of about 71,500 square miles. It also comes up as number 13 on the list of most populated states in the United States of America. Its population is over 7million and counting and its median household income is about $92,266.

Washington is the biggest producer and largest retail market in the whole of the USA, and it has a lot of industries and the highest rate of employment in the USA. It comes top ten because it is populated, unlike the others that are less populated and have cash flow circulating the country easily. Despite being a populated state, washing has a standing economy and its statistics of unemployed people are about 6%.

  • 2. Maryland

Maryland is a well-known state in the United States of America and also ranks the second richest state in America according to statistics. This state has many populations and also on the list of populated states in America, Maryland ranks 19th on this list. It is, however, a very promising and rich state with an annual income of $86,738.

Maryland has eradicated poverty to the minimum, and it is the second state with the lowest rate of poverty which is 9.7%, this is due to the fact that education has been made a paramount and very important aspect of the state. Anyone without education in Maryland has at least a college degree, and the highest paid job in this country is in the area of Public Administration. A lot of residents of Maryland have a good and high standard of living which is above average.

The state has no interest in personal income, as it engages in employment income, inequality and so many other things that it can dabble into. Maryland has a population of almost 7million people living in it and about 70% of them are living above the average income factor.

The houses built in Maryland state are very beautiful and well-structured and they are very particular about dirt on streets and in public places. Their citizens are hard workers and believe in working to keep living no matter what. This state is, however, the 2nd richest state in the United States of America. 

  • 3. Massachusetts

This is one state that you see in the movie and you’re blown away by how amazing and beautiful looking the city is. Time and time again, it has been argued that this state has a different kind of beauty which is very different from the other states located in the United States of America, but truth be told, this state has a peculiar beauty attached to it, and the bridges are to die for. Lovers who want to experience how beautiful it is and help to beautify their love lives should visit Massachusetts and have a testimony.

Aside from its beauty, the state has a mass population of college degree holders at about 41.8% and you can easily say that this state is where all the brains are hiding out. There is a strict policy in education in their state, and though it ranks 15th most populated state, its economy is very stable and reliable making it the 3rd richest state in the United States of America.

The citizens of the state are given an in-depth orientation on what Education can help them achieve and they aspire to do better pertaining to education in the country. There is hardly a dropout in the country, and if there is they are of the lowest percentage compared to the number of college graduates in the state.

A quarter of the citizens earn at most $200,000 per annum and the median household income of the States is estimated at about $85,843, it is one of the highest in the nation or in the United States of America.

Massachusetts has a population density of about 7,000,000. 

  • 4. New Jersey

New Jersey ranks fourth on the list of richest states in the US, and here is why.

It has a household income of about $85,751 and its population is about 9,000,000. It is one of the most populated states in the United States of America as it takes the 11th position on that list. To live in New Jersey is very expensive and trading also and buying of goods and services is very expensive in this state.  Their services are at about 15% more than any other state or country in the world. Aside from its median household value, it also has a median home value of about $330,000 and that is twice its very known National median value. There are a lot of big spenders staying in New Jersey and this had helped to balance the economy of the state in every way. About 11% of the citizens living in New Jersey make a whopping sum of $250,000 in a year. It has a high interest in education, and children hardly not attend school or hardly drop out of school in New Jersey. About 40% of the adults in the state have at least a degree to work with and help sustain their families.

  • 5. Hawaii

With an income ranging from about $83,102 per annum and a large population, Hawaii comes next, to Mary land. On the list of most populated states in America as 11th position, and it is said to have the highest home value of $566,900 located in the country. It also has a very low unemployment rate which is estimated at about 4% and its poverty rate is about 10.6% in the whole of the USA.

The state is very beautiful and known for its very tall and magnanimous buildings that could sweep you off your feet. It also has a lot of blue waters and hotels that help you to see the view of the sea as clearly as possible. 

  • 6. California

Coming in 6th on our list of the top 10 richest states in the USA, this state has been mentioned so many times in movies and we can attest to how beautiful it looks in movies and even in pictures. California is a large state and is very populated with about 39 million-plus population density. Its median household income is about $80,440 as a state. It is the most populated state in the United States of America and a lot of people from different races and ethnic groups stay there. Its economy is very large and though it tries to balance the economy, the number of occupants keeps increasing every day.

Everyone wants to go to California and everyone wants to settle there, that is why it is as populated as it is.

Hollywood film industry first started its pace in California, and it is very well embedded in farming and agricultural services

Its economic output is the largest as it is about 58% and the most famous jobs there have to do with real estate, finance, technology and so on. It also has a lot of technology companies and a lot of scientific research institutes. This state has education also as a goal for all its citizens and every child’s education is important to the government. 

  • 7. Connecticut

This state is known for its Greenland and many trees and also it is known for its wide life and adventures. Its population is slightly large as it is estimated at about 4,000,000 and it has an average Median household income of about $78,833.

It is one of the lowest populated states in the USA as it ranks 22nd on the list. It also ranks 3rd in the list of smallest states according to the area and landmass. Connecticut is a very expensive place because it has a high profile rate on housing and to live there is worth a fortune. The cost of a simple-sized family home in Connecticut is estimated at about $280,000 and its residents have a knack for education as they always want to show off and look good intellectually. Its citizens who work efficiently earn nothing less than $200,000 per year and its estimated percentage of very educated adults or people who have at least one bachelor’s degree is about 39%. 

  • 8. New Hampshire 

The population density of this state is estimated at about 1,500,000 and it has a total median household income of about $77,933.

This is the first state in the United States of America that has the lowest rate of poverty and reliance, and it ranks number 10 on the list of least populated states in the United States of America. It also comes 5th on the list of states in the United States of America with a smaller landmass and area capacity. This state also sees Education as a necessity in the lives of its citizens and it has about 93% of citizens that passed through high school with flying colors. About 36% of its population’s adult has a fully finished bachelor’s degree certificate and they see themselves as very educated and highly recognized in the society where they are known to stand out.

  • 9. Alaska

The median income of the state is very high, and it deals with the oil business. The people of Alaska are engrossed in the oil business, that in most cases they have no time for anything else. Its trust and firm belief in oil is part of the things that have taken it very far and made it one of the richest states in the USA.

At a point in time earlier this year, the price of oil had dropped drastically, but the oil industry and business situated in the state takes it upon itself to balance the economy of the state by balancing the economy which would help the citizens of the state live a normal life and have a good and standard source of income.

The only problem that this state faces is that a large number of citizens have no use of life insurance and they do not crave it in any way. The state’s annual income is about $77,640 and the population is about 750,000.

Alaska also has so many hotels and resort centers and usually during the oil business period, so many people suffer from water pollution and oil spillage from the industry, but the state has however thrived no matter what and found a way to balance its economy and give its citizens a good life and good standard of living.

  • 10. Virginia

This state harbors people who work their way up to the top and earn a lot with education being the primary thing and goal of all the citizens.

Its income as a state is about $74,222, and about 38% of the state’s population have full college degrees, while some other citizens in the state earn as much as $200,000 per annum. About 8% of its population makes less than $10,000. The poverty range in this city has been almost wiped out and the economy of the state is very much balanced.


So far so good, the write-up has critically discussed the richest states in the US, in terms of their economy, population, landmass, common trade, and the annual median household income of each state.