Top 10 Richest Women In Ghana 2020

The richest women in Ghana 2020 – On Ghana’s wealth ladder, male business magnates seem to be making the most progress in terms of wealth acquisition. However, this doesn’t erase the fact that female business magnates her also tapping their own portions of the country’s substantial wealth. In this post, we take a look at the richest women in Ghana 2020 so far.

Truly, there are industrious and successful women who have built significant wealth empires by exploiting their entrepreneurial and business potentials in the best capacity. Interestingly, several Ghanaian women are not excluded from this class of diligent and successful female characters. Therefore, we have decided to present a list of the Top 5 Richest Women in Ghana.

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  • 1. Patricia Poku-Diaby

Patricia Poku-Diaby is Ghana’s richest woman and the bulk of her wealth is majorly attributed to her authoritative status as the CEO of Plot Enterprise Ghana Limited. The company was established as a product of Plot Enterprise Group in Cote d’Ivoire. Prior to the establishment of the Group, Patricia Poku-Diaby was engaged in her family’s trading and transportation business.

Plot Enterprise has spanned its operations across Asia and West Africa. The group has gained higher grounds with subsidiaries including Plot Enterprise Ghana (Ghanaian-owned cocoa processing company), Plot Enterprise in Ivory Coast and Plot Commodities (registered with the Dubai-based Dubai Metal and Commodities Centre).

Patricia Poku-Diaby – Richest Woman In Ghana

Plot Enterprise Ghana Limited possesses a plant with an initial yearly bean input volume of 32,000 metric tonnes. The commissioning of the plant was completely executed in January 2010. Earlier on, the project implementation and trial runs had commenced in 2006 and 2009 respectively. Plot Enterprise in Ivory Coast is concerned with trading in wood products, cashew nut, and cocoa while Plot Commodities –a company registered with the Cocoa Merchants Association of America –is specifically concerned with cocoa and cotton.

Yearly, Plot Enterprise Ghana processes 32,000 metric tonnes of cocoa into cake, butter, and liquor. Moreover, it exports cocoa products to Australia, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and the US. In carrying out its activities, the cocoa-processing company boasts over 200 employees. Today, the net worth of Plot Enterprise Ghana stands at $90 million.

With the whopping net worth of $720 million, Patricia Poku-Diaby is considered the richest Ghanaian woman as well as the eighth richest person in Ghana.

  • 2. Theresa Oppong-Beeko

Theresa Oppong-Beeko is the second richest woman in Ghana. Her wealth is mainly attributed to her status as the CEO and founder of Manet Incorporated –a voluminous company with subsidiaries including Manet Towers Limited, Manet Construction Limited (a civil engineering company), Manet Beach Paradise (a three-star hotel resort) and Manet Housing (a real estate development firm).

Through her business management skills, shrewd entrepreneurship strategies and the strong urge to survive amidst challenges, Theresa Oppong-Beeko has carved out a great niche for herself particularly in the hospitality industry and in real estate management. Despite the nearly-total dominance of men in business, Theresa Oppong-Beeko has maintained her stance as one of the leading giants in Ghana’s hospitality industry as well as the real estate sector for over 10 years.

Theresa Oppong-Beeko – Second Richest Women In Ghana

Under the control of Theresa Oppong-Beeko, the Manet Group is committed to developing competencies and capabilities of a new dimension. Also, the group is gearing significant efforts towards expanding its operations internationally.

In 1985, Theresa Oppong-Beeko graduated from the University of Ghana, Legon as a degree holder in Political Science and Sociology. After graduation from the University, she engaged in fishing as her first attempt in the business. She didn’t succeed in the endeavour and instead went under with a debt of $2.5 million. At the time, she was 25-years-old and upon her business failure, she returned to Legon where she obtained a Masters’s degree in Business Administration. On completing her Masters in Business Admin, Theresa Oppong-Beeko started pursuing her aspiration of building construction and at a later time, she set up Manet Housing Limited in 1994. Today, she is said to have amassed great fortune giving her the net worth of $420 million.

  • 3. Kate Quartey-Papafio

Kate Quartey-Papafio is a shrewd Ghanaian industrialist. In 1992, she established Reroy Group Ltd aimed at the distribution of high-standard electrical cables. Currently, Reroy Cables has advanced beyond its initial business of providing basic power cables to the provision of a complete power solution. Reroy Cables offers services related to electricity distribution and transmission by virtue of the roles it plays in the provision of strategic contract services and electrical power distribution system to the electric sector, production, and distribution of conductors and power cables.

Kate Quartey-Papafio

Under the control of Kate Quartey-Papafio, Reroy has succeeded in extending its manufacturing efforts beyond the confines of Ghana. Today, the company has spanned across several other geographic regions in a bid to make the best use of its global business portfolio.

Besides the huge reputation, Kate Quartey-Papafio has made for herself through the shrewd control of Reroy, the Ghanaian industrialist has amassed great wealth for herself, making her third the list of top 5 richest women in Ghana. Currently, she has a net worth of $250 million.

  • 4. Gifty Lamptey

Gifty Lamptey is the wife of late David Lamptey as well as CEO of SIDALCO Fertilizers Ltd. Though Gifty Lamptey is said to have inherited most of her wealth, the industrious woman has yet built a reputation for herself as a social influencer cum entrepreneur.

Gifty Lamptey Among The Richest Women In Ghana

Besides entrepreneurship, Gifty Lamptey has made a significant mark in the field of philanthropy. Through her establishment of Ladies of the Cross International Ministries, she has contributed to charity. The organization –Ladies of the Cross International Ministries –contributed to the cause of providing a roof for a Mini Hospital located at Ashan.

Gifty Lamptey has played key roles which have benefited her society in various ways. In appreciation of her remarkable contributions, she was awarded the Top Super Woman Award in Ghana. Currently, she holds the net worth of $135 million, giving her an obvious spot amongst Ghana’s richest women.

  • 5. Grace Amey-Obeng

Grace Amey-Obeng – Among The Richest Women In Ghana

Grace Amey-Obeng is a successful Ghanaian entrepreneur who is best recognized as the owner and founder of Forever Clair beauty products. She is an executive member of the Association of Ghana Industries. In the association, she serves the role of National Treasurer –the position she was elected into in November 2017. She is also the chairwoman of Ghana Cosmetology and Wellness Foundation and she has been awarded for her tremendous roles in business. Currently, she holds the net worth of $100 million, making her the fifth richest woman in Ghana.

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