Top 10 Richest Zambian Musicians (2021)

Ever since the beginning of time, music has always been a tool to control the mind, set the heart dangling at the resolution unpredictable and what son of man can never phantom. In every country, the music industry has always been a source of huge income to many and is one of the most profiting careers one can think of venturing into. Zambia is not excluded from this benefit of nature, we shall be discussing in an exegetic format the top ten musicians in Zambia.

Top 10 Richest Zambian Musicians 2021

Macky 2

1. Macky 2 – Net Worth: K1.5,000,000

Mulaza Mark Kaira is addressed by the stage names Macky 2,  MK, Flava Boy, and Dj Bugar. He is a hip-hop musician, producer, and singer. He is currently the richest Zambian musician today. Macky 2 is the founder of Hope Foundation, he has several lucrative businesses tied to his name and is regarded as a legend in the music industry. He was a housemate for Big Brother Africa and he finished as the third runner-up.

Macky 2 can easily pass as one of Africa’s richest musicians. He has a private mining license, makes lots of income from endorsement deals, and owns ten houses in Lusaka. From his businesses alone, Macky 2 tops the list of richest musicians in Zambia. He also has musicians that he manages and they pay 60 percent from their earnings every month.

2. Kayombo – Net Worth: K995,000


Kayombo is popularly known as a Zambian Dancehall Artist. One of the rare gene music industry can have, a talented, world-rated, and African rising star. He has made a huge success in the music industry, as a wise artist he is, he diverts some of his funds as an investment into boutique, real estate management, and other services, these have placed him ahead of his contemporaries, he’s presently the richest Musician in Zambia who is said to worth K995,000. He’s also tagged as the best entertainer in Zambia to date.

3. Slap Dee – Net Worth:  K955,000

Slap Dee is a very popular Zambia musician, who made his way to the music industry and his travails have been yielding respect to the dedication he put in his career as a musician, he has a various source of income outside the music industry which some include his numerous shows, constant businesses printing, clothing, transport services, etc. he has been multi-facet, he has been dedicated to his dream and remains consistent, He’s presently worth K955,000. He is the CEO of XYZ a popular business model in Zambia, he is a business mind individual.

4. OC Osilliation – Net Worth: K910,000

Siame O’Brien is the fourth richest Zambian musician. Siame is known by his stage name OC Osilliation, and he was born on the 25th of August, 1984. He is the CEO of the recording studio, Obama Records.  He is presently based in the United States of America. OC Osilliation is the renowned hitmaker of several songs, and he has a net worth of K910,000.

5. Chef 187 – Net Worth: K900,000

Chris Kaira Kondwani, also known by the stage name Chef 187, is the fifth richest Zambian rapper of this era. Chef 187 is one of the best rappers and has contributed to music in Zambia. History has it that Chef 187 is the only Zambian rapper to have been invited to Coke studios. This justifies his skillfulness in what he does. He has so much dominance and is one of the most played artists.

6. Mampi – Net Worth: K890,100

Mirriam Mukape occupies the sixth position on the richest Zambian musicians list. She is also addressed as Queen Diva and Mampi. Alongside her music career, Queen Diva runs a clothing line and boutiques. Despite how expensive it is living in the USA, Mampi has managed to live there for over one year. Her current net worth is K890,100.

Organized Family

7. Organized Family – Net Worth: K790,100

An organized family is a group that consists of two people who rose to fame in Zambia due to their unique style of singing and outstanding performances so far.

The duo is allegedly not famous as they were in the past but are still famous and well known for their hit songs. These two rose to success because of their consistency in the industry and have received various global recognition and moreover, their talent has been rewarding and generating an income which brought them to the 6th richest musician in the whole of Ghana. They are presently worth K790,100.

8. B’Flow – Net Worth: K690,700

Brian Bwembya Bwalya is the eighth richest musician in Zambia. He is professionally known as B’Flow. B’Flow is a recording hip hop artist that has produced lots of dance-hall sounds. He is an ambassador to so many brands, and the first African musician to be recognized by an American president, Barack Obama. His lifestyle is proof of his net worth which is K690,700 presently.

9. Chanda Mbao – Net Worth: K400,000

Chanda Mbao is a not-so-recognized musician in Zambia but he also made it to the list of richest Zambian musicians, 2021. He is very influential and makes very good music. Chanda is the first Zambian rapper to shoot a music video in Miami, USA. He has collaborated with lots of African musicians. Chanda has a net worth of K400,000.

10. Cleo Ice Queen – Net Worth: K380,000

Clementina Mulenga born on the 14th of June, 1989 is professionally known as Cleo Ice Queen. She is a Hip hop recording artist and radio presenter. Cleo Ice Queen is the most influential Zambian female rapper who has done so well in the music industry as enough to be among the richest musicians in Zambia. She was a brand ambassador for female condoms, and a former housemate in the Big Brother show with a net worth between K380,000.

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Finally, here are the top 10 richest Zambian musicians living expensive lifestyles, and running businesses. Zambia as one of the proficient Africa countries known for its artistic and beauty of mother nature, has houses several artists who are proudly flying the banner for every stage they shared with artists from other countries, the GDP of the country was increased due to increase in the rate of acceptance of Zambia artist records. It is a beauty and adds value to Africa’s having artist who is doing well in their various style of music they have chosen.


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