Zeegi Shuavy: Joshua Onodu, A Talented Young Nigerian Artist

Joshua Onodu, popularly known as Zeegi, is a multi-talented young Nigerian keen on artistic expression through fashion and music. 

He is an entertainer and a fashion stylist: a proficient rapper, a fantastic singer, and an incredible dancer.

His aggressive quest for knowledge is evident in the number of things he can do well besides being an artist. 

He has above average – close to professional – experience in creative writing, and said to have written few unpublished books. 

Zeegi Shuavy

It’ll be unfair not to note that Zeegi is an all-round creative young man.

Zeegi describes himself as “a humble conduit of Brilliance.” And to be honest, that’s, to say the least.

Zeegi was born on 30th July 1995. He spent his childhood in Enugu state Nigeria where he was born and spent his teenage life in Lagos. 

Having a mix of Enugu and Lagos life, made him what you would call the jack of all trade and the master of all. This can be confirmed in all he does. 

Joshua Onodu

As an entertainer, Zeegi can thrill his fans with afro music, rap, and dance for hours without getting them bored. 

He is capable of seizing the attention of his audience through his artistic expressions and unmatched energy.

And as a fashion stylist, he doubles as a photographer and fashion brand influencer too. He is very good with the camera and art directing photoshoots.

Zeegi has been creating waves in the fashion industry lately. He has been dishing out premium fashion tips and styles that are unmatched on his website, zeegi.shuavy.com.  

Like his recent piece on branding collection, he highlights all you need to stay cool, calm, and still represent your brand well. All the blog content is beneficial and hands-on that you can easily read and implement to up your fashion games.

In 2018, he and his group (The Shuavy Fashion) launched their first pop up store in Stratford, London, which recorded thousands of autumn and winter sales. 

This tremendous feat has taken their brand up for a quantum leap. And as it stands, nothing can lower the momentum with which they’re growing.

And they’ve decided to bring this energy into their musical careers too.

Zeegi and his brother, Meegi, together with the Shuavy group, have been promoting their fashion brand more than their musical career. 

So after recording a series of successes in the fashion industry, they have decided to cause some waves in the music industry.

And, as a great fan of the Shuavys, and judging with their consistency in the fashion world, you can only expect the best Zeegi and his group. 

In years to come, Zeegi and his brother, Meegi, would be one of the world’s top creatives. 

With their continuous achievement in the fashion world and their present pursuit of relevance in the music industry, they’re a force to reckon within the industry.

Our fingers are crossed, waiting to hear and see what he has in stock for us next. And we can’t wait to see him dominating Africa and the world at large.