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Top 10 Richest Musicians In South Africa 2020


Top 10 Richest Musicians In South Africa 2020

The Richest Musicians In South Africa 2020 – Africa as a continent has been contributing eminently to the development of the music industries in order to add more value to the entertainment world. Most of the countries including SA in the continent are in fact developing the sector as many people keep venturing into the industry. So,

Who Is The Richest Musicians In South Africa? South Africa Music Industry is among the most popular Industry in the continent with Nigeria Music Industry been the most popular. Looking at the fortune attached to the music industry, government and even private agencies in African countries including South Africa are investing in the sector. This has made the sector a very lucrative one and anyone that perform in the sector most especially the musician, are making a living out of the business. In this article, we try to pick the top 10 richest South African musicians.

Top 10 Richest Musicians In South Africa 2020

Steve Hofmeyr
  • 1. Steve Hofmeyr

When it comes to a multi-tasker, I think they are actually referring to this artist. Hofmeyr blend between Music artistry, acting, and TV presenting. Even though he has been involved in some serious controversial issues recently, he stills remained one of the most popular and richest musicians in South Africa. Currently, his net worth is R273 million. 

  • 2. AKA

The stage name ‘AKA’ actually was born in 2011 when he released his debut album titled Alter Ego. Ever since then, he has been sailing well in the music industry even though he joined at a very teenage age. AKA has since become the Supa Mega and a continental superstar. He has also involved himself in different endorsement deals. Currently, his net worth is R155.6 Million, making him the second richest musician in South Africa. 

Rebecca Malope
  • 3. Rebecca Malope 

Malope is Gospel musical artist that has a career that spanned over thirty years. She is one of the biggest selling artists in South Africa with 10 Million albums sold in the country. Apart from being a musician, she also participates in Television Hosting. Some of the TV Shows she uses to host include Gospel Time among many others. She once served as one of the judges on reality TV show ‘Clash of the Choirs in South Africa’. Since the beginning of her career, she has released about 35 albums with most of them attaining the multi-platinum status, platinum status, and even the Gold Status. On estimate, her net worth approximate R 68.25 Million which on equivalent is equal to $5 Million. 

Die Antwoord
  • 4. Die Antwoord

This is a group formed by two rappers scilicet: Ninja and Yolandi Visser.  And believe me, these rappers have actually change the music industry of South Africa. Their fame rose to popularity a year after the establishment of the group. The group has headlined a bunch of international tours in Europe and other parts of the World. Currently, their music videos are the most-watched African Videos on the video web, YouTube. The group has a net worth of R56 Million. 

  • 5. DJ Euphonik

The DJ, who is known well for playing House Music, has traveled to a different part of the world in order to showcase his talents. Some of the places where he performed are New York, Miami, Ibiza, UK, Spain, etc. On many occasions, he has shared the staged with important musicians including Deadmau5, Louie Vega, Hardell, etc. Apart from the music fortune, Euphonix also invests in his company in Johannesburg in South Africa. In 2012, he collaborated with an Italian Shoe Company called Superga and brought out a limited black and gold Euphonik Sneaker. Currently, the artist drives Bently. 

  • 6. Dj Sbu 

Going by the birth name Sibusiso Leope, DJ Sbu is a successful Afrin DJ and Kwaito artist who currently drives a Porsche and a onetime dweller of a townhouse worthy of R50,000 per month. He is the founder of both TS Records and MoFaya, which is an energy drink that has been in the round for the past two years.

Black Coffee
  • 7. Black Coffee 

Both a record producer and DJ, Black Coffee started his career in the early 1990s. He has released a total of five albums and a live DVD under his owned record label named ‘Soulistic Music’ based in Johannesburg. Because of his high sense of humor, Black Coffee usually signs him as the best house music artist. He associates himself with popular artists like Usher, Alicia Keys, Drake, and even P Diddy and to crown everything, he currently drives Maserati. To his label in order to develop both his label and the artist he signed. Currently, his net worth is R27.3 Million. 

DJ Oskido
  • 8. Oskido

The founder of the record label whose birth name is Oscar Bonginkosi Mdlongwa is one of the richest musicians in the South African Music Industry. His record label has accommodated artists with future success in the music industry likes of Professor, DBN Nyts, Mafikizolo, Alask, Brothers of Peace and others. His estimated net worth is $2 Million which is equivalent to R27.3 Million. It seems both him and Black Coffee are on the same ride as their net worth summed to the same. 

Cassper Nyovest
  • 9. Cassper Nyovest

On the 9th position on the list of richest musicians in South Africa, Cassper Nyovert, among those that entered the music industry and made a tremendous impact as soon as possible. Being an independent artist that owned his own record label, he strokes a deal with the network provider, MTN. Apart from that, he also has an endorsement with Vodka Brand to produce AG Vodka that he designed. Currently, he drives two Bentleys. As of now, his net worth is estimated at R9.55 Million.

  • 10. Juanita Du Plessis 

When it comes to music, one of those women that hold the industry is Juanita. Ever since she starts her music career, her total albums are about thirty (30) with a total sale of 1.35 million albums. Even though her net worth is unknown, there is a high probability that she is financially buoyant that Black Coffee who is third on our list. This is so because of the number of albums and her international connection.

Juanita Du Plessis

That’s all about The Top 10 Richest Musicians In South Africa 2020

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