Top 10 Richest Musicians In Tanzania 2021

Music is said to be a universal language. This theory has proven to be true over the years especially in the case of the East African country Tanzania. So Who are the richest musicians in Tanzania? Tanzanian music is rooted in traditional African sounds, although, there is also another style of music tinged with Arab roots known as Taarab and more recently, a blend of Hip Hop and all types of melody, sound, and even rhythm which is popular amongst the present crop of Tanzanian musicians known as Bongo Flava. A lot of people outside Tanzania (particularly, non-East Africans), might not be used to these names. But then, the music composed and released by Tanzanian musicians has proven to be boundary breakers in recent years.

This, of course, has led to Tanzanian musicians getting international acclaim, both from the boundaries of Africa and beyond. And yes, the awards might be coming in, accolades pouring in but it doesn’t end there. The money is also coming in as quite a host of Tanzanian music artists have been able to make a fortune for themselves. We are going to be checking out just how rich our musicians are, and the top ten richest bongo artists amongst them in this article. Join me on this trip.

Top 10 Richest Musicians In Tanzania 2021

1. Diamond Platnumz

He started from humble beginnings in 2009, but today, he is arguably the biggest and most popular Tanzanian music artist on the surface of the earth. Diamond Platnumz has practically revolutionized the Tanzanian music industry. He has several expensive houses and acres of land in Tanzania. He is also one with a high taste for cars as his fleet is filled with luxury vehicles. With his music studio and career fetching him a lot of money, together with endorsement deals, Diamond Platnumz is adjudged the richest musician in Tanzania with a net worth of $7million.

Diamond Platnumz 

2. Ali Kiba

Alikiba is one of the most successful and popular music acts coming out of Tanzania in recent times, fourth on our list of richest musicians in Tanzania. In fact, he is rated as the most popular musician from Tanzania just behind music powerhouse Diamond Platnumz who holds the number one spot in that regard. His music has earned him international recognition and he has gone on to win awards such as the MTV EMA awards for Best African Act defeating Nigerian music powerhouse Wizkid in the process. He also has features with Kenyan soul group Sauti Sol and his song ‘Aje’ has gone on to sell multiple records. Ali has a net worth of $5 million. 

Ali Kiba Richest Musicians In Tanzania

3. Professor Jay

Another experienced fellow in the music industry, Professor Jay whose real name is Joseph Haule, the second richest musician in Tanzania, kicked off with his music career around 1990. He was part of a band known as The Hard Blasters. He has gone on to shine in his own rights and has performed at many shows within and outside Africa. He leads a very simple lifestyle, but his properties and investments would make you know that Professor Jay is one of the richest musicians in Tanzania with a net worth of $4 million.

Professor Jay

4. Lady Jay Dee

Judith Wambura, also known as Lady Jay Dee who commands a lot of respect in the Tanzanian music industry became a part of the industry in the year 1991. She is very wealthy and has in her possession a fleet of luxury cars and also, a gigantic mansion. She is loved by a lot of Tanzanians because of the good quality of songs she releases regularly. She has a net worth of $3.9 million. 

Lady Jaydee


Juma Nature

5. Vanessa Mdee

The former MTV Base VJ has been growing from strength to strength since her foray into the music industry. One can hardly talk about Tanzanian music in reference to female musicians and the name of Vanessa Mdee would not pop up. Yes, that is the rate at which her music has been and is still blossoming. One of her most popular songs, ‘Nobody but Me’ has crossed the 1 million thresholds on YouTube and is still doing really well. The song features, a former winner of ‘The Hottest MC in South Africa’ according to MTV Base, K.O. Her musical exploits together with shows and performances have earned her a spot on our top ten richest Tanzanian musicians list. Vanessa has a net worth of $3.6 million. 

6. Juma Nature

Juma Nature has been in the Tanzanian music industry for a very long time and he is still very relevant as he continues to churn out interesting music. He was formerly a member of a male group of performers known as TMK which was under Mkubwa Fela. He made his impression in those days and has never looked back since then. He formed a new music group called “Wanaume Halisi” after leaving TMK. They have experienced success in the Tanzanian music industry. Juma Nature has invested heavily in real estate and he has a good number of houses, as well as acres of land to his name.

7. AY

AY’s musical career began in the year 2000 with the band East Coast. He continued doing solo songs, recording with his bosom friend Mwana FA after the group got disbanded. He spearheads and owns Unity Entertainment Company. AY also enjoys fame and popularity outside his country as he is regularly called on to perform at international events where he is paid handsomely. He also owns a clothing line. All these have immensely contributed to his wealth and he has a fleet of tasty cars and other investments to show for this. AY has a net worth of $3 million. 

8. Baraka Da Prince

Arguably one of the hottest music acts out of Tanzania in recent times, Baraka Da Prince is blessed with one of the best voices we have heard so far from the country and he has an amazing talent as he is able to put his sonorous voice into great use. His net worth is not exactly known as the others listed above but, rave reviews from his songs released make us have an understanding of his amassed fortune.

9. Juma Jux

Now, this Tanzanian artist is not really a noisemaker but the standard of music he puts out speaks volumes, in a positive way of course. Juma Jux is on this list of the top ten richest Tanzanian musicians’ courtesy of the massive successes his songs have accumulated over the years. Songs such as ‘One More Night’ and ‘Looking for You’ have been very instrumental in his musical success.

10. Dully Sykes

Dully Sykes is a dancehall artiste and has won a couple of Tanzanian Music Awards. He has also performed in the United Kingdom. His music has been very popular and even sometimes controversial. He is one of the richest musicians in Tanzania and has his own record label named Dhababu Records.

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This list of richest musicians in Tanzania is a recent one. Their net worth is an indication of how much the entertainment industry is progressing in East Africa. These musicians have become so rich that it is evident in their lifestyles and they are topping the music charts.


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