List of Manufacturing Companies in Canada {Fastest Growing}

The manufacturing companies in Canada, although has had its own share of hard times, even a recession, has found its feet again, and is beginning to look good.

Manufacturing in Canada still accounts for approximately $174bn in the GDP, more than 10% of the total GDP of the whole country. Thanks to this, 1.7 million jobs are kept and maintained through many of the main manufacturing industries in Canada.

Manufacturing companies themselves have become more industrialized over the years, with higher technologies and innovations brought into the sector with the help of researchers, programmers, engineers, and entrepreneurs.

While we cannot give a complete list of all the manufacturing companies in Canada, or even a complete list of the 85 most profitable companies, here in this article we provide a list of some of the is the fastest-growing manufacturing companies in Canada.

List of Manufacturing Companies in Canada {Fastest Growing}

  • 1. Milo Enterprises

Manufactures home, garden, and electronic pest control products. They are a familiar brand in the whole of Canada, and the projection is very good for the future as more homes will no doubt be built, and they will no doubt require pest control products to keep them safe from crawling insects and other pests that could invade.
Milo Enterprises have their Headquarters in Vancouver, B.C.
PROFIT 500: No. 6
Growth (2011–2016): 7,227%
Revenue (2016): $10–20 million

  • 2. FixMeStick 

Produces a device that detects and eliminates computer viruses. This is a widely popular device, resembling a flash disc, which when inserted into a computer will automatically detect and eliminate computer viruses, and all such suspicious and malicious applications. This is one of Canada’s foremost technological companies and has its headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
PROFIT 500: Position No. 9. Growth (2011–2016): 6,471%
Revenue (2016): $10–20 million U.S dollars.

  • 3. GreenSpace Brands

A company that Brands and sells natural and organic food products. This is Canada’s premier organic and healthy food production company. They sell naturally produced or packaged everything like herbal green tea, natural sugar, honey, and so many other products that do not contain chemical additives and preservatives. They have their Headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
PROFIT 500: Position No. 23, and Revenue (2016): $20–50 million U.S dollars.
Growth (2011–2016): 2,861%

  • 4. Delviro Energy

What it does: Manufactures and sells LED lighting fixtures for commercial, industrial and architectural clients. Energy saving is big business: architectural firms and building contractors are constantly looking for ways to build more energy-efficient structures, thus cutting down on electricity bills and keeping the temperature of the building controlled. One way of doing so is to use energy-saving lighting and that is what makes Delviro Energy so profitable. They have their Headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
PROFIT 500: position No. 32, and Revenue (2016): $20–50 million.
Growth (2011–2016): 2,232%

  • 5. Arani Industries

A company that Manufactures and supplies LED lighting fixtures. Just like Delviro Energy cited above, Arani Industries has its business centered on manufacturing energy-saving lighting solutions. They have their Headquarters in Montreal, Quebec.
PROFIT 500: No. 34
Growth (2011–2016): 2,052%
Revenue (2016): $2–5 million

  • 6. IRT Technologies

A company that designs, develops, and manufactures satellite technology, for digital communications companies and institutions. These include mobile communications companies and satellite television companies. Satellite communication can also serve military uses in the area of espionage as well as warfare. They have their Headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
PROFIT 500: position No. 46, and Revenue (2016): $2–5 million.
Growth (2011–2016): 1,584%

  • 7. Jenny Bird 

A company that designs, retails, and wholesales in fashion jewelry. Jenny Bird is one of Canada’s most popular designer jewelry brands. They make custom jewelry, and also have a line of designer pieces of jewelry available on the market. They have their Headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
PROFIT 500: position No. 63, and Revenue (as of 2016): $2–5 million US Dollars.
Growth (2011–2016): 1,119%

  • 8. UP Equip

An equipment company that specializes in the Manufacture, distribution, and renting of aerial access equipment. Although this company may not be well known to the average person walking on the street, they are quite popular among construction firms, engineering companies, and those who may have a need to climb really high for one purpose or the other. They have their Headquarters at Verchères, Quebec, Canada.
PROFIT 500: position No. 80, Revenue (2016): $2–5 million.
Growth (2011–2016): 929%

  • 9. Bioastra Technologies

What it does: Develops materials used in biomedical devices, wearables, and packaging. The field of medical science demands special care in the area of protection against germs. This means that both equipment and personnel must be specially clothed to prevent the spread of microbes. Gloves, masks Protective suits, and other such things are the business of Bioastra Technologies. Their customers include hospitals, veterinary centers, research facilities, and laboratories. They have their Headquarters in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
PROFIT 500: position No. 82, and profit Revenue (2016): $2–5 million.
Growth (2011–2016): 906%

  • 10. MSW Plastics

A company that produces extruded PVC plastic products. They make pipes in different shapes and sizes, mostly for the building sector. Although pipes can also be used for medical purposes, aquatic research people can also find them useful. They have their Headquarters in Palmerston, Ontario, Canada.
PROFIT 500: position No. 83, and Revenue (2016): $20–50 million.
Growth (2011–2016): 865%

  • 11. Hillberg & Berk

A company that designs, manufactures, and sells luxury jewellery. Maybe not so popular on the street, but this is a company that deals in real gold and silver jewelry for higher-end clients. Their clients are usually the rich and affluent people among the Canadian population. They have their Headquarters in Regina, Saskatchewan.
PROFIT 500: position No. 84, and Revenue (2016): $10–20 million.
Growth (2011–2016): 857%

  • 12. Kinova Robotics

A company that Develops and manufactures services and assistive robotics for people with disabilities. They make prosthetic limbs for people who, due to accidents have lost limbs. These could be prosthetic arms, legs, knees, and so on. Their customers often include the armed forces, hospitals, and so on. They are a company for the future. Headquarters: Boisbriand, Quebec, Canada.
PROFIT 500: position No. 91 and Revenue (2016): $10–20 million.
Growth (2011–2016): 798%

  • 13. Fiasco Gelato

What it does: Manufactures all-natural gelato and sorbets sold in grocery stores. Another health food sector giant in Canada deals with natural products that do not have any chemical additives or preservatives. They have their Headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
PROFIT 500: position No. 101, and Revenue (2016): $2–5 million.
Growth (2011–2016): 716%

  • 14. Diva International

A company that Produces and sells feminine hygiene products through retail chains and health stores. They sell sanitary pads. While that may seem like a narrow business scope, they have been aggressively expanding their market, even into other continents. They have their Headquarters in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.
PROFIT 500: position No. 103, and Revenue (2016): $20–50 million.
Growth (2011–2016): 712%

  • 15. Minami Group

A company that produces and distributes Middle Eastern foods. There is quite a demand for Middle Eastern foods in Canada. This demand may come from immigrants or from the foreign student population, as well as from native Canadians who may have become Muslims and may have heard about some of the tantalizing delicacies that come from the Middle East. This demand is met by this company which packages and delivers its orders to the customer’s doorstep just like pizza delivery businesses do in America and other parts of the world. They have their Headquarters in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada.
PROFIT 500: position No. 107, and Revenue (2016): $2–5 million.
Growth (2011–2016): 680%


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