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Top 10 Poorest Cities In The World 2020


Top 10 Poorest Cities In The World 2020

These are the Poorest cities in the world presently. There are many cities in the world which are tremendously rich. Major rich cities in the world are Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles and Seoul. What about the impoverished cities? Do they exist? Are there cities with an extremely low standard of living? The answer to these questions is yes, as we have an ample number of poor cities all around the world. Some of these cities are acutely indigent as a result of incessant wars, natural disasters, diseases, high level of illiteracy, massive corruption acts and so on. In this article, the top ten poorest cities in the world would be mentioned. Continue reading to know about these poor cities.

Top 10 Poorest Cities In The World 2020

  • 1. Baghdad, Iraq

Baghdad in Iraq is the poorest city in the world for now. The country has always been faced with problems of incessant wars and repetitive violent attacks.  Although Iraq is one of the largest producers of oil to the world, still, they can’t bail themselves out of extreme poverty. Baghdad has a poverty rate of over 35 per cent which makes it the top name on the poorest cities list. Suburb areas in Baghdad such as Saddam and Al Thawra are the most indigent part of the city. These areas have no water supply, electricity or good transport system.  Many roads in Baghdad are not well paved which enables sewage to run through streets. These unwanted running sewages combined with high rainfall do cause incessant flooding too.

Apart from the bad transport system and poor water supply in Baghdad,  the security system in Baghdad is quite not strong. The multitudinous violent attack seems unstoppable in this city. There have also been several threats from ISIS to the city. A district like Teneke in Baghdad is built on heaps of garbage which opens residents to deadly diseases. Besides, in Iraq, there is electricity just for three hours per day. All these show the extent to which Baghdad wallows in poverty.

  • 2. Bangui, Central African Republic

Bangui is another extremely poor city in the world you should know about. Bangui is the largest city and the capital of the Central African Republic. The main factor causing Bangui’s high poverty rate is the incessant violence occurrence. Wars in Bangui have caused over 1.6 million residents to get misplaced. Another cause for Bangui’s poverty is thefr low agricultural productivity faced by the city. The city has a low rainfall density which affects their agricultural production. Furthermore, low agricultural production leads to residents’ malnourishment.

  • 3. Sana’a Yemen

Sana’a, Yemen is another city with a high poverty rate. The city has been frequently terrorized and disturbed by the Saudi Arabia airstrikes. Sana’a has turned to a battleground for Saudi Arabia and Iran. The city faces problems of violence, low water supply and insecurity. The city has been recognized globally as one of the highest terrorism prone areas in the world.

  • 4. Port Au Prince, Haiti

Port au Prince is the most populated area and the capital of Haiti. Port au Prince is one of the most impoverished cities in the world.  The city has an estimated population of 987,310 residents. Port au Prince witnessed terrible earthquakes in 2010 which intensely affected the economy of the city.  The earthquake caused deaths of over 230,000 residents. Apart from the frequent happenstances of natural disasters in this city, serious criminal acts still augment to its poverty rate.  The city is known for its frequent terrorism and violence. We can say the insecurity in Port au Prince is the main cause of its high poverty rate. People are not safe and secured. Frequent terrorism also discourages foreigners from investing in this city.

  • 5. Kharthoum, Sudan

Khartoum is a city located in Sudan which is one of the poorest countries in the world. The city has an estimated population of about 5,274,321 residents. In Khartoum, extremely hot weather is the regular climate condition. The city is also one of the poorest in the world. Due to the city’s unfavourable weather condition, the agricultural output is usually low and bad. Many people, especially in south Khartoum are dying of malnourishment.  A  small group of people can be said to be quite rich. In 2000, the Human Development Report claimed that up to 26.6% of the population won’t live past 40 years of age in the city. The major contributors to poverty in Khartoum are high level of illiteracy, intense droughts, diseases and frequent conflicts.  In some areas of the city, tribal conflicts seem to be unending and unstoppable. Until when Khartoum devise a way to reduce illiteracy, violence and diseases, the economy might never be blossom.

  • 6. N’Djamena, Chad

N’djamena is the capital and largest city in Chad. Moreover, the city is one of the poorest in the world. Although most people reside in this city still, its economy is acutely weak. The city lacks proper educational programmes, good water supply, electricity and good security. There have been various violent attacks in the city too. The havoc wreaked by the Boko Haram group adds to the poverty rate of the city. Many properties are always being destroyed at war and this continues to draw the economy of N’djamena back.

  • 7. Damascus, Syria

Damascus is the capital and also, the largest city in Syria.  Damascus has a population of 1,711,000 residents. This city is one of the poorest cities in the world due to its regular war attacks and quite an unfavourable climate condition. The day to day economic activities in Damascus has always been disturbed by the high level of terrorism that occurs in the city.

  • 8.Brazzaville, Congo 

Brazzaville is a city in Congo which also has the worst standard of living in the world. The city’s major setback is the massive corruption which showcases often. Mismanagement of funds and other corruption acts kept drawing the city back. Brazzaville is one of the poorest cities in the world for now.


  • 9. Kinshasa, Democratic Republic Of Congo

Kinshasa can be considered as one of the poorest cities in the world right now. The city is the capital and also the largest in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Although the city is one of the largest urban areas in Africa still, over 30% of its population are still living in abject poverty. The city continues to face a problem of tribal conflict which is the main cause of its poverty. NGOs have interfered so many times to provide food and relief for the residents.

  • 10. Conakry, Guinea Republic

Conakry is the capital of Guinea Republic and can be said to be one of the poorest cities for now. The city is majorly faced with the problem of insecurity. Most times serious violent crimes and protests which slows down the economy pace take place.


Although there are a lot of poor cities in the world, the worst ones listed above should endeavour to try to get out from the poverty zone by stopping or reducing to the lowest level the major contributors to their poverty situation. Most cities listed are faced with the problem of insecurity and bad governance. If the government of these countries can devise some strategies to tackle these problems, they will surely be out of poverty at a great extent.


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