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Top 10 Richest Cities In Alabama 2020


Top 10 Richest Cities In Alabama 2020

These are the Richest Cities In Alabama presently. Alabama is a state in the U.S that is located in the south-eastern region. It is the 24th most populated area in the U.S and also the 30th largest region. Although almost all cities in Alabama have a distinct and substantial economic advancement,  these ten cities about to be mentioned are the richest and most prosperous ones. 

Top 10 Richest Cities In Alabama 2020

  • 1. Mountain Brook 

Mountain Brook is a city located in southeastern Jefferson County. It is Alabama’s richest city with an estimated population of about 209,466 residents. Mountain Brook was created by Robert Jemison after an election that was conducted on March 24, 1942. The city was designed and planned a landscape architect by Warren H Manning. Currently, $132,825 is the median household income in Mountain Brooks with a 3.7% poverty rate. The city was the first place the U.S built its office park in 1955.

Mountain Brook is a nice part of Alabama with high job opportunities, quite tight security for residents and top-notch basic amenities. Mountain Brook is known as ’the tiny kingdom’ and also, according to a list made in 2008  by Stephen Highley, Mountain Brook is the ninth richest community in the United States. Moreover, the educational system in Mountain Brook is often regarded as one f the best in the U.S, It has six schools; Brook wood Forest Elementary, Cherokee Bend Elementary, Crestline Elementary, Mountain Brook Elementary, Mountain Brook Junior High and Mountain Brook High School

One of the reasons why Mountain Brook is referred to as ‘the tiny kingdom’ is because of its ample amount of regional businesses and professional leaders. Notable people such as Lou Andres (a writer), Kate Jackson (Hollywood actress), Sara Evans (country music singer) and so on are from this rich and wondrous city. 

  • 2. Pike Road

Pike road is located in Montgomery County and it has a population of about 7,506 residents. Its population volume has increased with more than 1600% over the last decade. It has a median household income of $102,500. Pike Road was incorporated effectively by 1997 and has always been determined to provide its citizens with high-class education, great services and nice quality of life. The unemployment rate in Pike Road is around 3.1%, the recent job growth is 30.9% and the future predicted job opportunity rate is 30.9%. 

  • 3. Indian Springs Village  

Indian Springs Village is a city in Shelby County, Alabama. Indian Springs Village has a population of 2,499 and a median household income of $102,000. The unemployment rate in Indian Springs Village is 12.9 %. Some of this city’s notable people are; Michael Mc Cullers who is a writer and director of ‘Baby Mama’, a 2008 hit movie and Mike Ryers off ‘Austin Powers in Gold members’.

Wealthiest Cities In Alabama 
  • 4. Trussville 

Trussville has a population of 19,733 according to the 2010 census. Trussville has been regarded as one of the most energetic cities in Alabama. It has been included in Money Magazine’s list of 100 best places to travel to in America. The city’s unemployment rate is 3.8% and its predicted future job opportunity rate is 32.3%. The city has a median household income of $87,418. 

  • 5. Vestavia Hills 

This is another charming, stunning and rich city in Alabama. Vestavia estimated population as of 2010 was around 34,033. Vestavia Hills was planned for development as a residential suburb by Charles Byrd in 1946. The median household income of Vestavia Hills residents is approximately $81,352 per year. Future jobs in Vestavia have been predicted in the next ten years to be 35.6% which is more than the U.S average of 33.5%. 18.7% of Vestavia Hills residents engage in Health care and social assistance, 11.9% in the finance and insurance industry, 11.5% in professional and technical services and 10.5 in educational services. The unemployment rate in Vestavia Hills is 1.7% with recent job growth of 2.0%; the cost of living in Vestavia Hills is lower than that of the U.S average.

Vestavia Hills is also highly regarded for its high-quality educational system by the Wall Street Journal and other sources. They have five elementary schools, two middle schools, one substitute school, and one high school. There are also various parks and recreational centres in this city.

Some of the notable people from Vestavia Hills are Michael Papa john (Hollywood Actor and producers), Don Siegel man (Former Governor of Alabama) and Rebecca Moore (Miss Alabama USA). 

  • 6. Hoover

Hoover is the largest suburb near Birmingham with a population of over 84,920 residents as of the recent 2018 U.S census calculations. The city has a landmass of 43.65 square miles. This is the sixth richest city in Alabama with a 2.8% unemployment rate. Recently, Hoover job opportunities have risen by 2.0% and also, the cost of living is 3.9% higher than that of the U.S average.

Furthermore, in Hoover, the median household income is $81,038. Their public schools spend $11,847 per student. Hoover provides good municipal facilities, great recreational centre, excellent libraries and good schools for its residents. 

  • 7. Spanish Fort 

Spanish Fort is a city in Baldwin County, Alabama. According to the 2010 census, its estimated population is around 6,798 residents. It is located on the eastern shore part of Mobile Bay. This city was incorporated effectively on July 19, 1993. In the educational aspect, their school operates on two elementary levels, a middle class, and a high school. It offers its residents an exquisite and superfluous quality of life. Spanish Fort city has a median household income of $74,731. 

  • 8. Orange Beach

This city is a popular Alabama tourist destination for visitors. Orange Beach has a median household income of $68,388 and a population density of 5,723. Columbia Southern University is located in this city. The fine city provides its citizens with enjoyable places to live work and relax. For relaxation, Orange Beach Islands is a great spot in the city.

  • 9. Homewood City 

The city of Homewood in Alabama is a wealthy suburb with nice restaurants, cafes, independent malls, etc. This city is rich in tradition and pulchritude, and also, a firm with matchless determination for improvement and success of its citizens. As of 2010 census, the population of Homewood was revealed to be 25,167 with an unemployment rate of 2.7%. In Homewood, the median household income of residents is $62,431 annually. The predicted job growth rate for this city is 31.6%. The rate of people engaging in health services is 17.9%, educational services has 13.2% and professional service workers are up to 13.0%. 

  • 10. Fairhope

Fairhope city is located in Baldwin, Alabama. The 2010 census states the city’s population to be around 15,326. According to Southern Living Magazine, Fairhope is the best small city in the south Alabama. It has a poverty rate of 8.9% and employs up to 7,992 people. The city has a median household income of $58,767. Fairhope was incorporated effective in November 1894. Fair hope is ruled by a mayor and five-person city council elected last in 2016.

In addition, the government schools in Fairhope are highly rated for excellence and efficiency. Some of the notable people from Fairhope are Dave Edwards (musician), Marietta Johnson (reformer and an educator) and Grant Effinger (a professional and race driver).


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