Top 10 Richest Cities In Alabama (2023)

Our interest is purely journalistic, but we realize that many people are searching the richest cities in Alabama because they need to find out where to move after school in order to start their professional careers or in order to select great locations to set up their businesses. Many people who have recently come into money also like to live among the rich and powerful in order to befriend them.

Whatever your reason for searching out the wealthiest cities in Alabama, this list should be more than adequate. We also add interesting facts that could be useful in determining whether or not you may find Alabama to your liking. The cities on this list may not be the most popular in the country, but you will find all the regular attractions and regular vanities associated with places where rich people live.

Alabama is a state in the U.S that is located in the south-eastern region. It is the 24th most populated area in the U.S and also the 30th largest region. Although almost all cities in Alabama have a distinct and substantial economic advancement,  these ten cities about to be mentioned are the richest and most prosperous ones.

Richest Cities In Alabama

1. Mountain Brook

The city of Mountain Brook is the richest city in Alabama. The Median Income in Mountain Brook is $152,355 which is surprisingly better than what you can find in some of the richest states in the country.  The city’s unemployment rate stands at 1.7%, and the poverty rate is 3.0%. However, the population stands at 20,436 people, so if you do not like crowded areas this may not be the ideal town for you.

Mountain Brook is a nice part of Alabama with high job opportunities, quite tight security for residents, and top-notch basic amenities. Mountain Brook is known as ’the tiny kingdom’ and also, according to a list made in 2008  by Stephen Highley, Mountain Brook is one of the wealthiest communities in the United States. Moreover, the educational system in Mountain Brook is often regarded as one f the best in the U.S.

2. Pike Road

The city of Pike Road has a Median Income of $102,734, and an unemployment rate of 2.5%, making it the second richest city in the U.S state of Alabama. The city also has a poverty rate of only 3.2%. Pike Road, Alabama also has a population of 9,320 people, which means that it can be described as an averagely populated city. Pike road is located in Montgomery County, has always been determined to provide its citizens with high-class education, great services, and nice quality of life.

3. Vestavia Hills

Vestavia Hills, is another charming, stunning, and rich city in Alabama, planned for development as a residential suburb by Charles Byrd in 1946. The city has a Median Income of $109,485, which is pretty good by Alabama standards. This can be described as a bustling city because of its population of about 34,307. That population is not just an empty number because they are mostly employed; the unemployment rate stands at just 2.0%, and the poverty rate is just 3.9%. If you need a place with a good population that can support a small business; then maybe you should start your search from Vestavia Hills.

Vestavia Hills is also highly regarded for its high-quality educational system by the Wall Street Journal and other sources. 

4. Helena

Helena, Alabama is an average-sized city with a population of 18,463 people. However, it is the Median Income of $87,781 that makes it a notable place. With this figure, this is one of the richest cities in Alabama. There is plenty of purchasing power in this city; the unemployment rate is at 1.2%, and the poverty rate is a measly 3.9%. Helena looks like an average city with a growing population, with plenty of opportunities for the long term.

5. Spanish Fort

Spanish Fort, Alabama is a lovely town with a population of about 8,601 people in Baldwin County, Alabama. The median income of $83,913 makes Spanish Fort one of the richest neighborhoods in Alabama. Of further interest is the unemployment rate of 1.7%, and the poverty rate of 4.9%, which are indicative of economic prosperity.

Spanish Fort offers its residents an exquisite and superfluous quality of life.

6. Trussville

The city of Trussville, Alabama is a great place to be. The city has a population of about 21,876 people and a very lively spirit about it. This is an economically vibrant city; a place that can support businesses because of the purchasing power afforded by the median income of $97,226. The city has an unemployment rate of 3.3%, and a poverty rate of 5.2%.

Trussville has been regarded as one of the most energetic cities in Alabama. It has been included in Money Magazine’s list of 100 best places to travel to in America. 

7. Homewood

Homewood is one of the richest cities in Alabama, U.S.A.  The city is a bustling place with a thriving population of about 25,534 people. All the numbers are in favor of Homewood; the median income stands at $84,157, and the unemployment rate is quite low at 2.7%. This is a city with both the people and the purchasing power to support businesses and drive employment. The poverty rate of the city is at 7.6%, however, so this may not be the best place to try and sell luxury goods.

The city of Homewood in Alabama is a wealthy suburb with nice restaurants, cafes, independent malls, etc. This city is rich in tradition and pulchritude, and also, a firm with matchless determination for improvement and success of its citizens.

8. Calera

Calera is a city in Alabama. We can describe this as an average city with a population of about 13,856. With a median income of $61,594, this is still one of the richest cities in Alabama, and also compares favorably with some of the other cities in richer states of America. The best part is the unemployment rate which stands at 0.8%, although the poverty rate stands at 5.3%. This is one place where the prospects of getting jobs are quite high.

9. Hoover

Hoover, Alabama is quite a bustling city. Hoover has a population of about 85,175 people, making it one of the most populated cities in the state of Alabama. With a median income of about $89,452 per year, this is also one of the richest cities in Alabama, and that claim is further cemented with an unemployment rate of about 3.3%. The poverty rate is currently at 6.2%, but from a business standpoint, that figure is very well compensated for by the large population.

Furthermore, Hoover provides good municipal facilities, great recreational centers, excellent libraries, and good schools for its residents. 

10. Pelham

The city of Pelham is another bustling city in the state of Alabama. This city has a good population of about 23,428 people, which means it is averagely populated, and there are just enough people to make friends with if you fancy that sort of thing. With a median income estimated at about $80,510 per year, this is one of the wealthiest places in Alabama. This figure makes it look like Pelham can support businesses, and generate both wealth and employment, and when you look at the unemployment rate of 3.4%, it seems like that assumption is correct. Pelham has a poverty rate of 5.2%.



The richest cities in Alabama do not have the exclusivity of places like Beverley Hills, California, but they are bustling cities where people move to settle down, work in their various professions, and build some wealth. Alabama certainly is a conducive and decent place to live; where values are still respected, and people are still expected to behave properly.

Before deciding on a place to move to, you may also consider other factors such as education, crime rate, the availability of medical facilities, and the chances of socializing with people of your age bracket. Another important thing to consider is that some parts of Alabama are not as ethnically diverse as other places in other states.