Top 10 Richest Companies In Canada 2020

Top 10 Richest Companies In Canada – Canada is being seen from various perspectives. Some people believe it is one of the quietest countries in the continent – perhaps, not much inclined to a ‘bustling’ social life like some others around. Nevertheless, irrespective of what anyone is saying about the country, the fact remains that Canada is a very rich country (in fact, it remains one of the richest in the world), and has a handful of rich companies. 

The fact is, having a superb economy doesn’t just come from the snap of a finger – but certain measures must be put in place first to activate this. For Canada, the presence of big companies that are doing beautifully well is one of the things helping to swell her economy (think about taxes, reduction in unemployment, and the rest). So, the leadership of the country might not be loved by various people, but then, we can’t deny the fact that they are doing a nice job ensuring the well-being of the country’s GDP. 

In this article, we will consider the 10 richest companies in Canada. These companies are big, stable and strong. One easily noticeable thing will be how the financial sector dominated the list.

Let’s see:

Top 10 Richest Companies In Canada 2020

  • 1. Royal Bank of Canada

At the top of the list is The Royal Bank of Canada. The bank has become one of the most important companies in the country (the biggest in terms of net worth) and has employed a lot of people. 

The Royal Bank of Canada can boast of an asset that is around CA$1.27 trillion, and its exploits are not limited to Canada alone – but it is a well-respected company in the international market. Additionally, The Royal Bank of Canada is one that embraces technology and they are even known to be participating in the usage of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. 

Richest Companies In Canada
  • 2. Bank of Nova Scotia

The second company on our list is The Bank of Nova Scotia. It’s a very popular Bank in Canada and can boast of total assets that is around C$998.5 billion. As a result of various factors, the Bank of Nova Scotia is being patronized by a lot of people who enjoy their services – and it has pushed the bank to the forefront as far as the financial sector is concerned. 

One of the impressive things that can’t but be mentioned about this bank is how it attracts the highest investment interest in the country. The firm’s stock is being traded frequently and their stock is usually being patronized by investors (both within the country and outside), as it usually gets good reviews out there. 

  • 3 Toronto-Dominion Bank

Another bank? Well, we stated it already – the financial sector dominates the list here. Toronto-Dominion Bank can actually boast of an overall financial feat and they have a very huge asset that made them qualify to sit firmly (at least for the main time) at the third spot of the list of richest companies in Canada. 

Although some years back, the bank was associated with some controversy that almost dipped it fully into the mud (it was actually about the management giving the public some wrong financial details of the bank so they could get the attention of bigger investors).

  • 4. Bank of Montreal

Another Canadian bank has occupied the fourth position on our list of the top ten richest companies in Canada. The Bank of Montreal is one of the biggest companies in the country, and they have total assets that is around CAD$21.787 billion. 

Considering their assets, they are obviously not doing bad, and are much better than many other companies as far as their worth it concerned. Although some banks are currently ahead of the Bank of Montreal, a lot of people still enjoy doing business with this bank. It is also necessary to add that the bank of Montreal also operates internationally, and is doing well even outside the shores of Canada. 

  • 5. Online Casino Companies

There is a sort of shift here. There are some gambling coys in the country that have been embraced by many Canadians (the likes of Betway, The Grand Ivy, LeoVegas, 888, etc). When their net worth was summed up, it was pretty impressive (which was the reason it was getting attention) 

  • 6. Suncor Energy

Finally, something away from the banking system. The company was established in the year 1919 and has become a force to reckon with as far as the energy sector is concerned. Their attention is fixed on synthetic crude from oil sands, and they have moved on to become one of the richest companies in the whole of Canada. 

Suncor Energy made as huge as CAD$29.68 billion last year alone, and they keep expanding in various regards. One of their strategic strength is to partner with other successful firms (for instance, they utilize a retail market made available by the likes of Shell and ExxonMobil)

  • 7. Canadian National Railway

Unlike some countries, Canada should be given kudos for the fact that they are good at taking good care of their infrastructures – which is why the Canadian National Railway could find its way into the list of the top richest companies in the country. 

The leadership of Canada has ensured the trains they provided will generate wealth and also bring about employment opportunities (and the plans keep working appropriately). It brings profit for their shareholders too, and everyone reaps the benefit attached to it. 

Canada generally embraces technology, and it is not surprising to see the Canada National Railway making use of new technologies to become more efficient. In fact, some two years ago, they were able to record CA$13.041 billion in revenue. In fact, this is something other countries can emulate, as it can be intelligently replicated elsewhere too. 

  • 8. BCE Inc.

In Canada, the financial sector takes the lead (just as we have seen above). Then, we can begin seeing energy firms, and then, the telecoms industry is mentioned. This is what has brought BCE Inc here. 

The company was established in 1983 and is currently a publicly-traded telecommunications firm that keeps growing. It tops the sector and has created jobs for tons of people. 

BCE Inc. is actually the parent entity of both Bell Media and Bell Canada (Canadians should be familiar with these already). And then, it is known that there are a lot of TV stations under the firm – which is very popular as far as the company is concerned. 

As things stand now, BCE Inc. is still one of the biggest companies in the whole of Canada, and it is regarded as the eighth richest company in the country. 

  • 9. Husky Energy

Another energy company made our list – Husky Energy. Taking note of its exploits, one can’t but see how they deserve to get to the current spot they occupy. It is interesting to note that Husky Energy is not confining itself to just one spot, but keeps expanding, establishing its presence in places like the United States of America and some parts of Asia. 

Husky Energy keeps conducting a large chunk of their works in Canada with the overseas projects growing reasonably well. They can boast of refineries that churn out thousands of barrels each day – which is pretty impressive  

The company is still interested in crude oil as well as tested and proven sources of energy. The move for renewables is still under the radar, but, as far as this list is concerned, then the most important thing is that they are the ninth richest company in Canada. 

  • 10. The Woodbridge Company Limited

The Woodbridge Company Limited is one interesting firm in Canada that deserves attention due to various reasons. The firm is a private holding company that owns Thomson Reuters, and it has added up to their reputation in recent times. 

Thomson Reuters is a large analyst company, and besides the exploits with this, the Woodbridge Company Limited also have various well-known media in the country. With smart works and tact, don’t be surprised seeing them on a more enhanced level very soon. 

Here we go. This is our list of richest companies in Canada, and it is relevant in various ways. You might decide to get into the system of any of them and grow your career and financial worth. However, we should also add that the list changes. So, don’t be surprised seeing another top performer anytime soon. 



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