Top 10 Richest Companies In South Africa 2020

List fo the richest companies in South Africa presently. South Africa is located in the southern part of Africa and it is one of the pioneering African countries based on the economy. South Africa has a total number of about 58 million residents which makes it the 24th most populous country in the world. South Africa is not only one of the most endowed countries in Africa but also, in the world. Since South Africa’s democracy in 1944, the country has been dedicated and has witnessed tangible developments.

Some of the main mineral materials in South Africa are high-quality gold, tin, diamond, platinum, coal, iron ore, and copper. Apart from the mentioned mineral resources, South Africa also has a rich and ideal climate condition for a perfect agricultural system. Although, during the apartheid period in South Africa, the economy encountered a little slow down which affected the South Africans then and also have few impacts on it till now.

There are multitudinous companies and firms in South Africa. Many of these companies deal with telecommunication, mining, bank services, and transportation. Besides, in this article, the richest companies in South Africa will be addressed. Read the below piece to know more about the companies.

Top 10 Richest Companies In South Africa 2020

  • 1. Anglo American PLC

Anglo American PLC was founded by Ernest Oppenheimer in 1917 and is headquartered in Johannesburg. The company deals in metal and mining services. Anglo American is the world’s largest producer of platinum with about 40% output. The company carries out services in Africa, Asia, Australia, North America, Europe, and South America.

The company does not only provide platinum but also, a great number of other mineral materials such as thermal coal, copper, diamonds, nickel, and iron ore. For now, Anglo American has up to 90,000 workers under it. The company has a total revenue amount of $27.6 billion.

  • 2. Sasol

Sasol Limited is an incorporated energy and chemical organization situated in Sandton, South Africa. The organization was framed in 1950 in Sasolburg, South Africa and based on forms that were first evolved by German scientific experts and architects in the mid-1900s. Sasol creates and deals with technology, including manufactured fuel innovations, and produces distinctive fluid fills, chemicals, and power.

Sasol is recorded on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange. Significant investors incorporate the South African Government Employees Pension Fund, Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa Limited (IDC), Allan Gray Investment Counsel, Coronation Fund, Investec Asset Management, and others. Sasol recruits 30,100 individuals globally and offers services to 33 countries. Besides, it is the largest corporate taxpayer in South Africa. Sasol has a total revenue amount of $14.8 billion.

Richest Companies In South Africa
  • 3. Shoprite Holdings

The Shoprite Group of Companies is Africa’s biggest food retailer. It works more than 2,934 outlets in 15 nations across Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands. The organization’s headquarter office area in the Western Cape region of South Africa. Shoprite Holdings Limited is a public organization recorded on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. As of 2019, the Shoprite Group has more than 147,000 individuals in more than 2,934 stores across 15 African nations. Shoprite Holdings have a total revenue amount of $11 billion.

  • 4. MTN Group

MTN Group Limited was formerly known as M-Cell. The company was founded in 1994 and it deals with internet services. MTN has its headquarters in Johannesburg. Besides, it is the largest mobile network operating company in Africa and the eighth in the world. One-third of this company’s revenue comes from Nigeria where it gains over 35% market shares.

MTN group recorded its 232.6 million subscriber achievement in 2016. MTN doesn’t operate in African countries alone but also in Asian and European countries. As of 2010, MTN Group has a total number of 17,510 workers under it. The company has a total revenue amount of $10 billion.

  • 5. Absa Group Limited

Absa Group Limited was founded in 1991 and was formerly known as Barclays Africa Group Limited. The company deals in bank service operations and is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. Besides, the company has an international office in London and New York. Absa is the richest company in South Africa with a total revenue of $9.7 billion.

This company offers its services to countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Botswana, Uganda, Zambia, Kenya, and Mozambique. Absa Group Limited offers various banking services such as business banking, personal banking, investment, and credit card services.

  • 6. Standard Bank Group

Standard Bank Group was founded on 15th October 1862. The Standard Bank Group is a South African budgetary company and is Africa’s greatest loan specialist by assets. The organization’s corporate base camp, Standard Bank headquarters, is located in Simmonds Street, Johannesburg. Standard Bank Group doesn’t serve only African countries but also other continents such as Europe, Asia, North America, and South America. The total revenue of the Standard bank group is $9.6 billion.

  • 7. Bidvest

Bidvest Group is a trading and distribution company founded by Brian Joffe in 1988. The company has total revenue of $9.4 billion. Bidvest is located in Sandton, an affluent suburb in the Johannesburg Municipality. Besides, the company employs up to 137,000 workers. Moreover, the Bidvest Group serves only in African countries. Besides, Bidvest Group has shares in over 300 companies.

  • 8. Sanlam

Sanlam is a financial services group that was founded in 1918. Initially, the group was set up as a life insurance company. Sanlam is headquartered in Bellville, Western Cape, South Africa. This company has a total revenue amount of $8.9 billion.

Apart from South Africa, other countries where Sanlam operates are Namibia, Nigeria, Botswana, Malawi, Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda, India, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom. As of 2018, the total number of Sanlam’s workers was 103,000. The company is one of the richest organizations in South Africa for now.

  • 9. Old Mutual

Old Mutual Group was founded on May 17, 1845. The company deals in financial services and is headquartered in Johannesburg. Old Mutual Group recruits about 31,000 employees. The total revenue of this company is $8.2 billion.

  • 10. Nedbank

Nedbank is a bank service company that was founded on March 1st, 1888. The company is headquartered in Sandton, South Africa. Nedbank has a total revenue amount of $7.7 billion.

Conclusion On The Richest Companies In South Africa

South Africa is a country with a rich history and with multitudinous mineral materials. Although there are a lot of affluent companies and organizations in South Africa, the richest ones have been listed above.

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