Top 10 Richest Men In Zimbabwe 2021

Zimbabwe is home to the ancient city of Ophir where gold was being mined for the ancient King Solomon, this African country was made popular due to his past president’s funny quotes and how strong he has stood in face of adversity from European and developed countries. Today we take a look at the top Zimbabwean richest men. Like many African countries, Zimbabwe has a lot of highly enterprising and rich people that are reckoned with at the world level. Talk of one of the popular Africa countries, with rich African culture and values, ever have a conversation on how blessed Africa countries are you remember how these ancient kingdoms are full of potentials both in terms of natural resources and men and women of value in the custody of these ancient countries.

Success stories of most African countries will not be complete if you left Zimbabwe out of the discussion, we shall be embarking on the top ten richest men in Zimbabwe, sit back and take a long walk with me as we discussed extensively men who stood in for the economy of the country and are successful in their respective businesses.



This man is ranked by many as the richest man in Zimbabwe and his net worth is placed at $1.6 billion. He is the chairman and founder of the Econet group which is an international telecommunication company operating in over fifteen countries of the world.

Apart from telecommunication, he is also interested in businesses that have to do with renewable energy, media, hospitality, and financial services.

Strive Masiyiwa

Masiyiwa is a world figure who has the honor of serving with both national and international reputable bodies on very important projects like Unilever, Rockefeller Foundation, Africa Progress Panel, U.N secretary-general advisory board on sustainable energy, etc.

He is also a founding member of the global business coalition for education. After Kofi Anan, he had the privilege to take over the chairmanship of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa. Has a man driven by an inner passion to reshape the face of telecommunications and bring into good the sources of renewable energies, he has made several giant strides as touching his business focal point and this has invariably brought him to the limelight and one of the richest man in Zimbabwe.


Next to Masiyiwa is John Bredenkamp whose net worth is placed at $1 billion. His business areas are logistics, mining, and commodities. He was a former Rugby player that became the founder of ‘Caselee Group’. He is an inspiration to many who have no parental business to inherit and no parental guidance as he lost his parents as a teenager yet he became very rich.

John Bredenkamp Among The Richest Men In Zimbabwe

He has three different international passports from South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Holland. He worked with Gallaher limited before moving on to start Caselle. Gallaher and Caselee are tobacco companies. He did his business in many tobaccos growing companies like the United States of America, Greece, Italy, India, Indonesia, Russia, and many more.

His money was said to be made from tobacco trading, sports marketing, and diamond mining. He has trained his hand to craftiness as a young child growing without parental tutelage, he is business-minded, equipped with abilities to harness every potential to its maximum benefits. As a sportsman, during his time as a rugby player, he stood tall and strong even when his teams seem to be losing.


In the line of rich people in Zimbabwe is Nicholas Van Hoogstraten, who has been estimated to worth $694 million. He is a prominent estate magnate who was very successful but also highly controversial, he is a highly intelligent individual who will never settle for little error he observed from any quarters.

Nicholas Van Hoogstraten

He was once convicted in 1968 for paying a gang to attack a business associate, charged at a time for pornography matters, and arrested at a time for demanding payment in us dollars for payments in Zimbabwe which was illegal.

Nicholas once claimed he pays for the education of three of the students in Zimbabwe schools and has a system put in place to sustain that. He has over 1600 square miles of land in Zimbabwe. He also has businesses in Equatorial Guinea and a mining company in the Democratic Republic of Congo. As a business mogul and goods merchant, he is a devoted businessman, a season state manager, an efficient miner, and a philanthropist.


Next to Nicholas is Billy Rautenbach, net worth put at $743 million, is also known as Muller Conrad Rautenbach. He has businesses in many African countries. He lives on his farm in the outskirt of Harare in Zimbabwe. His travails around the Africa countries centered on his vision to have a strong business in each Africa country.

Billy Rautenbach

His business is in the areas of trucking, car assemblage, farming, and mining in Africa. He had a problem at a time with South Africa on tax issues which led to the loss of his Hyundai business in South Africa. He was also at a time called to head the state-owned Gecamines by President Laurent Kabila, a job he reluctantly took after rejecting it. He was also involved in the controversy about the financiers of the Congo war. He was known to be a philanthropist, business individual, technically complicated thinking man, he has a passion for Agriculture and Automobile technologies


Fifth on the list of the richest people in Zimbabwe is often reported to be Zed Koudonaris. His net worth stands at $645 million. His company is Innscor Africa and property. He controls Profeeds, Bater’s inn, national foods, etc. His business in Zimbabwe was prominent in the area of producing, processing, and marketing agricultural products. Has a renowned farmer so to say, deliberate ac by zed to acquire his wealth from Agricultural products, and processed goods are compared to none, his feast to take over the farming and processing industry consumes him on a daily business thinking. He has been astonishing in his achievements and landslides achievement he has made in the farming business.


Ken Sharpe is listed frequently amongst the richest people of Zimbabwe. He is said to be worth around $690 million. He made his money selling franchises of mini bottling units that competed favorably with Coca-Cola. He also was involved with businesses on food, the manufacturing of sanitary pads, and mining. He has the zeal to produce drinks that will compete favorably with Coca-Cola, he has a business planned to take over Africa in the bottling industry, he has not relented in his pursuit to make this dream to realization.


Michael Fowler‘s net worth is reported to be $645 million. He is a co-founder of Innscor where he held many managerial positions. Michael Fowler was mentioned among all those that were mentioned in the Panama Papers saga of 2016. Having a dream with his partner Zed, who co-established the Innscor business, he has headed many industries and parastatals which gave him adequate managerial skills which developed his potentials to dream more, a co inhibiting factor that struck the establishment of Innscor company.


Reports also have it that Ian Saunders whose net worth is given as $590 million is one of the Zimbabwe top ten. His business is mainly in mining. He is the chief executive officer of Falcon Gold Zimbabwe Limited; he also became the executive officer and director of the new down mining corp. he chose mining at a tender age, he is one of the deciding factors in the mining industry in Zimbabwe and Africa at large.


John Moxon with a net worth of $500 million is ranked ninth of the richest in Zimbabwe by some ranking bodies. He is the chairman of Miekles’ consolidated holdings and Miekles Africa Limited. HIS interest is in retail banking, insurance, and mining. He has grown his wing over time in the banking and mining industry, he is passionately taking over the market as dream chaser he is, he is growing steadily on the cadre of richest men in Zimbabwe.


Also featured sometimes as one of the top richest people in Zimbabwe is Shingai Mutasa, his net worth is $142 million. He read economics and he is involved in commodity trading as well as the marketing of his family business. He has invested in the different stock markets, brokers, building a family business to a stage where they will be monopolistic of the family good and services. His ideas and dreams have been setting the family for the necessary momentum they need to walk with, he is ranked the number 10 person in the whole of Zimbabwe.

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The above countrymen have voraciously worked and change the economic face of their countries, Africa, and most developed countries. These richest men in Zimbabwe are also major determiners of the economy of Africa, they have luxurious houses and cars in out of Zimbabwe. Innovations from these great men have brought Zimbabwe to the limelight, their innovations and business setup have helped over 2/3 of the population outside the government work the people do.



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