Top 10 Richest People In Florida (2023)

Wealthy can be owning a home and spend on necessary things. Wealthy can also be affording any bill, owning homes, a yacht, your plane, and probably an island. The billionaires we have on our list of richest people in Florida are the second kind of wealthy.

Most of the wealthiest men in Florida that can be found on the billionaire’s list can be traced to South Florida. Although they don’t live the jet-setting lifestyle, they have the money to cater to such lifestyles if they want to. 

Wealth accumulated by most of these billionaires is from investments, pharmaceuticals, and real estate. The worth of these billionaires has increased over the years simultaneously with the list. 

Richest People In Florida

1. Thomas Peterffy

Thomas Peterffy is believed to be the richest person in Florida presently. From his story, Thomas accumulated his wealth from the scratch and had almost nothing passed down to him except for the $100 his father gave him to start a life for himself. 

Thomas moved from Hungary to the US in the mid-60s. He started his career as an architectural draftsman before he switched to computer programming. With the aid of the seat he got at the American Stock Exchange, he was able to build the first electronic trading platform for securities. 

Although Peterffy remains a Hungarian, he is the richest person in Florida. He founded the Interactive Brokers, and the multinational brokerage firm in 1993. 

2. David Tepper

David Alan Tepper is arguably the biggest hedge fund manager of his generation. He founded a global hedge fund firm in Miami Beach, Appaloosa Management. The firm manages around $3 billion. 

David also owns the Charlotte FC in Major League Soccer (MLS), and the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League (NFL). Tepper’s net worth is $14.5 billion.

3. Shahid Khan

Shahid Khan started his career at Flex-N-Gate Corporation as an engineering director. After leaving Flex-N-Gate, Khan developed Bumper Work. Bumper Work produced bumpers for customized vehicles. 

After two years of running Bumper Work, Khan acquired his former workplace which has grown to the 7th largest American automotive parts supplier and the 49th largest privately-held American company. Khan launched All Elite Wrestling and he also owns the English Premier League football club and NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars.

4. Paul Tudor Jones II

Paul Tudor Jones wrote for the Memphis Daily News, his father’s small business paper. Working as a writer did not capture his interest, hence, he left to train at the New York Cotton Exchange. 

Paul founded Tudor Investment Corporation in 1980. His firm now holds almost $44,580,108,000 in assets. Jones is known as a skilled macro trader and a philanthropist. 

5. Micky Arison

Micky Arison was the CEO of Carnival Corp. Carnival Corp is a cruise ship operator founded by Ted Arison, the father of Micky Arison. Carnival Corp started with a ship in 1972 before it grew to 100. 

Micky was the first sales rep before he claimed the post of CEO. The firm’s revenue grew to over $5billion and his personal net worth grew to $6.7 billion. Arison stepped down from his post as CEO in 2013 and continued as a chairman. He has been controlling the NBA Miami Heat since 1995.

6. Reinhold Schmieding

Reinhold Schmieding founded Arthrex, the orthopedic surgical tools firm. Arthrex was founded in Munich before its headquarters moved to Naples in Florida. Since its inception, Arthrex has developed over 13,000 tools in orthopedic surgeries.

7. J. Christopher Reyes

Christopher Reyes is the co-founder of Reyes Holdings and he has a net worth of $5.5 billion. Christopher is also a co-chairman of the Ann and Robert Children’s Hospital of Chicago. He is also on the board of trustees for Mc Donald House Charities, and a known philanthropist. 

8. Jude Reyes

Jude Reyes is a brother to Christopher Reyes and co-founder of Reyes Holdings. Reyes Holdings is a beverage and food distribution company that was co-established in 1976. Like his brother, Jude is worth a total of $5.5 billion. The company started with a small beer distributor in South Carolina and has now attained the rank of the largest beer distributor in the US.

9. Charles Johnson

Charles Johnson was the former CEO of Frank before he stepped down for his son, Greg. Charles is also the primary owner of MBL San Francisco Giants. Franklin Resources started in the mid-1940s. Over the years, Johnson developed the company into one of the leading mutual funds. Rupert Charles, the father of Charles Johnson was the first principal founder of Franklin resources. 

10. Robert Rich Jr.

Robert Rich Sr., the father of Robert Rich Jr. founded Rich Products. Rich Products was initially involved in making soybean and non-diary oil-derived whipped cream before expanding to cakes, icings, meatballs, pizzas, and dough, etc. 

Robert Rich Jr. Took over the company in 1978.



In the list of richest billionaires who have gained prominence in the US, Florida residents have increased in recent years. Thomas Peterffy tops the list of the richest person in Florida officially. He is also the 32nd wealthiest person in America according to Forbes. 

Tepper is a new addition to the list, although, he was formerly the richest person in New Jersey. Other Florida billionaires include Shahid Khan, Paul Tudor, Micky Arison, Reinhold Schmieding, Christopher Reyes, Jude Reyes, Charles Johnson, and Robert Rich Jr.