Top 10 Richest Women In Canada (2023)

Canada is one of the most studied countries in the world, because of its great economic potential which has attracted investments and migration from all over the world. In this article, I provided details on some of the richest women in Canada, and discuss how they have made it to such wealth and influence. This article will no doubt be cited for inspiration to the younger generation of Canadian females as they look up to the personalities on this list.

The richest women in Canada still have a long way to go to conquer the world, but with Canada being such a fast-growing economy with ample room for capital appreciation through investments, we can say that it is very possible that the wealthiest richest woman in Canada will one day be the world’s richest woman world.

Others may take the list below and the industries they participate in as hints as to the most lucrative business opportunities, or the best careers with the most potential for wealth creation. 

Top 10 Richest Women In Canada

1. Sherry Brydson

Company: Thomson Reuters.

Net Worth: $8.57 billion

Sherry Brydson is one of the richest, most influential people in Canada. She is an accomplished businesswoman; who inspires self-made businesswomen on this list. She is a relative of David Thomson, the 3rd Baron of Fleet, and holds the largest stake in the family holding company Woodbridge which controls a vast news and media empire including Thomson Reuters.

The Woodbridge company turns up revenue exceeding $11 billion each year and has over 45,000 people n its payroll worldwide. Keep in mind that Thomson Reuters is not the company she controls.

2. Mirella Saputo

Company: Saputo, Inc.

Net Worth: $5.2 billion

Mirella Saputo is the wife of Lino Saputo who built a dairy production and distribution empire from scratch. That business is today worth more than CA$14.9 billion in revenue, and nearly CA$600 million in annual income. Mirella Saputo has been a behind-the-scenes part of the success of the Saputo family; her husband Lino Saputo has handed over the reins of the company to her son Lino Jr, after about 40 years at the helm of the company.

The Saputo’s have taken their company global, with select locations in different countries. They have also diversified their investments by going into transport, media, and sports.

3. Susan Niczowski

Company: Summer Fresh

Net Worth: $2.9 billion

Susan Niczowski is perhaps the most inspiring woman on this list; her story is one of discovery that turned into billions. She was born in Toronto and studied to become a microbiologist at the University of Toronto.

After working a few years in the food industry, she discovered a way to keep vegetables and perishables fresh even when they have been packaged for some time. The company is known as Summer Fresh Salads and packages and distributes fresh greens throughout Canada. The company makes several hundred million dollars in annual revenue.  

4. Heather Reisman

Company: Indigo Books

Net Worth: CAD $2.93 billion

Heather Reisman is a Canadian woman who built a billion-dollar tech business from scratch. She is now recognized as one of the richest and most inspiring women in Canada; a business owner and philanthropist. 

She started out ordinary; she was born in Montreal and attended McGill University. Her first job was as a Social Worker. However, she switched lanes and founded Indigo; which is an online book retailer, the biggest in Canada, and one of the biggest in the world.

Indigo has now expanded its operations to include music, toys, and gifts. The company now has physical stores in selected cities across Canada. The company is growing rapidly; it now has over CA$1 billion in annual revenues and is still going higher.

5. Rita Bronfman

Company: Seagram

Net Worth: $2.1 billion

Rita Bronfman is the wife of Charles Bronfman; scion of the powerful Seagram Empire. Her father-in-law was the most powerful Canadian Jew, and the president of the Jewish congress in Diaspora. Together with her husband Rita Bronfman controls the empire that includes drinks, oil and gas, and even sports.

Rita and her husband, Charles, have dual American and Canadian citizenship, and they control businesses in both countries. The Bronfmans have also founded Historica, which is a venture that mixed history with advertising.

6. Phyllis Lambert

Company: Seagram

Net Worth: $2 billion

Phyllis Lambert is a top-ranking member of the Seagram dynasty. She is the daughter of Samuel Bronfman, who founded Seagram, and her brother is Charles Bronfman; the current chairman of the company. Their company has interests in liquor, oil and gas, real estate, and chemicals. 

On a personal note, Phyllis Lambert is a notable architect; she has received several accolades including the Order of Canada, the Golden Lion from the Venice Biennale of Architecture, among other intimidating awards. She spends a lot of time in France because of her art studio.

7. Celine Dion

Company: Feeling, Inc.

Net Worth: CAD $800 million

Celine Dion is one of the greatest entertainers of the last 100 years. She was born in Quebec, and started her singing career with French-language songs, before switching to English, and becoming a worldwide music superstar. Celine made a fortune from her music, and quietly returned to Canada where she has established an empire for herself.

Together with her late husband, René, Celine Dion founded Feeling, Inc., a Quebec-based artist management company. She also owns the Le Mirage Golf Club and has several capital investments in restaurants across Canada.

8. Shania Twain

Company: Singer-songwriter

Net Worth: $400 million

Eileen Regina Edwards who shook the music world as Shania Twain is one of the richest women in Canada. Her singing voice, together with a great stage presence made her one of the hottest artistes in America and the world in general. She sold over 100 million records and sold out huge arenas in her career, which was unfortunately cut short by illness.

She started from scratch; she struggled to get the attention deserving of her talent; and succeeded in 1995 when she collaborated with big producer Mutt Lange for her second album, which proved to be her triumph; making her a superstar.

9. Mandy Rennehan

Company: Freshco

Net Worth: $650 million

Mandy Rennehan is one of the most remarkable women on this list; she is a self-made multimillionaire; she founded the FreshCo empire. She was born in Nova Scotia, Canada, the daughter of a lobster fisherman. She and her family often faced poverty, as feeding six kids on a fisherman’s pay were not easy. Mandy’s experience growing up in the seasonal fishing industry impacted her.

Freshco is a supermarket chain that offers fresh, well-preserved, and high-quality food items at deeply discounted prices. 

10. Coco Rocha

Company: Model

Net Worth: $185 million

Coco Rocha is a fashion icon. She is a model; one of the biggest discoveries of recent years. Coco Rocha has already graced the pages of the biggest fashion magazines, including Vogue Italia in 2006, and she has already worked with top fashion designers like Christian Lacroix, Jean Paul Gaultier, Flare, and Harper’s Bazaar to name a few.

11. Kim Cattrall

Company: Actress

Net Worth: $75 million

Kim Cattrall is a Canadian entertainer; she is famous for her role in the movie Sex and the City. Although she was born in the UK, her family relocated to Vancouver Island when she was still a baby. She started acting in Canada but went to America as a teenager to pursue her dream. 

Kim Cattrall has been active in the movie industry since the late 1970s, but she started becoming a notable actress in the ’80s. She has a long list of roles in films that she has featured in, but the most notable is Star Trek VI as Lieutenant Valeris. The film will never be forgotten.

12. Nelly Furtado

Company: Singer-songwriter

Net Worth: $35 million

Nelly Furtado is perhaps Canada’s most successful female entertainer after Celine Dion. She is no doubt the most successful female singer from Canada for the 2000s. She is a platinum-selling artist, as well as a songwriter. Her parents are from Portugal, but she was born in Nova Scotia.

She quickly discovered a passion for music, and then Canada was no longer big enough to contain her immense talent. Moving to America helped her conquer the American music industry, and the world charts as well.



Canada has so many women of wealth and influence; but as you have noticed, these women are mostly global citizens; rather than local residents of Canada. But that is also a good thing; they bring in wealth and value from all over the world, and so make Canada richer. Canada has women holding strong in retail, food, fashion, music, media, and diversified investment.